Recipe: Figs Melba with Tarragon and Sumac 

by olivia hoffman

In this transitional time of the year, what better treat than roasted fall figs with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? For the September/October 2023 magazine, the talented foodie and Instagram sensation Camille Chamignon concocted five delicious autumn-inspired recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy as summer begins fading to fall.


Growing up on the family farm, Camille’s childhood was filled with growing fruit and vegetables in the garden and cooking exquisite meals from the bounty of simple ingredients. Her mother entertained often from the kitchen of the family farm, where meals were joyful occasions. 

Today, Camille is just starting out on her professional career, but cooking remains her passion. Not long ago, she started an Instagram account to share her recipes, and her entertaining videos quickly acquired a large and international fanbase. 

In the September/October 2023 edition, we are pleased to present Camille’s recipes created specifically for My French Country Home. In order to try out all of Camille’s creations, you’ll have to subscribe to the magazine. If you have the magazine, you’ll find the recipes starting on page 32.

Here, we treat you to a taste of Camille’s collection: Figs Melba with Tarragon and Sumac. Be sure to scroll down to catch the poetic video of Camille in action! If you like what you see, you can follow her on Instagram here.

Photos, videos & recipes by Camille Chamignon

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