Recipe: Parisian Custard Tart

by olivia hoffman
flan parisien Parisian custard tart
Photos by Kate Blenkiron and Recipes by Stephane Nguyen

When Stephane Nguyen, originally from Fontainebleau, settled “Down Under” with his Australian partner Kate Blenkiron, he soon discovered that if he wanted delicious and authentic French food, he would have to make it himself. His passion and determination on this self-taught journey unexpectedly led to a booming YouTube channel and now a cookbook with mouthwatering photographs shot by Kate.

In the March/April 2024 magazine, we feature five of the 100 classic dishes from Stephane’s book, French Cooking Academy, which is aimed at budding home cooks to prove that French cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. You can check out all of Stephane’s master classes in home cooking on the French Cooking Academy website here!


We are delighted to treat you here to a recipe for one of our absolute favorite French desserts: the classic Parisian Custard Tart. Stephane explains, “Everyone in France nurses a little fondness for the Parisian flan, or flan pâtissier. This simple custard tart can be found in every French boulangerie and patisserie with a pastry cream texture that ranges from rubbery to velvety smooth. In French restaurants, chefs are now taking the flan up a notch by experimenting with dark sugars and exotic vanilla flavors. For home cooking, I’ve aimed to keep the recipe as simple and delicious as possible without sacrificing taste and texture.”

After trying our hand at this recipe against a Parisian patisserie-bought version, we can confirm Stephane has succeeded! The secret? Use fresh vanilla bean, whole milk, cream and short crust for a deliciously creamy flan with a buttery, flaky crust.


flan parisien Parisian custard tart

To see the other recipes we featured from French Cooking Academy – including Braised Chicken in Tarragon Sauce, Classic Salmon Tartare, Pan Fried Steak with Red Wine Sauce, and Poached Fish in Tomato and Vermouth Sauce – get a copy of the March/April edition of the magazine here.

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