Recipe: Truffle Scrambled Eggs

by olivia hoffman

Every Saturday morning from mid-November to the end of March, Richerenches – a town situated along the Rhône River – comes alive with a truffle market, where locals and visitors alike gather to snap up the very best black truffles (tuber melanosporum) from that week’s precious trove. In the January/February 2024 magazine, we got in on the truffle mania and featured three delicious recipes from one of the town’s finest restaurant: L’Escapade.


Run by Sandrine and Nicolas Paillhes, the restaurant’s seasonal menu boasts a fusion of classic and daring dishes, reflecting the local terroir (the “taste of the place”). However, in the winter season, it is the coved black truffle that reigns supreme on the plates. From delectable starters to mouthwatering desserts, truffles in their different forms are whipped up to deliver a bistronomic experience that’s both comforting and inventive.

Nicolas, the chef of L’Escapade – who also shares his wisdom through truffle-focused cooking classes – has generously provided a collection of recipes to kindle your culinary imagination from the comfort of your own kitchen. Here, we treat you to a simple dish with a decadent spin to elevate your breakfast game!


Photo by © Teddy Verneuil

To see our full collection of recipes using black truffles, get a copy of the January/February edition of the magazine here.

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