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About Sharon Santoni and MFCH
My French Country Home

Your Guide to Authentic French Living

My French Country Home is a high quality bi-monthly magazine celebrating the beauty, authenticity and rich charms and comforts of French daily life via insider articles and stunning editorials.

From beautiful homes and secret gardens to useful travel guides and exclusive recipes, each magazine will take you to the heart of France and highlight the people, brands and places that make it so unique.

We pride ourselves on working with both well-known and undiscovered photographers, as well as talented writers, to transport you to France with the turn of each page.

Six magazine issues are released each year (one every two months), and subscriptions are available in print or digital. You can also find My French Country Home in Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million stores around the United States.


Our Story

In 2010,  Sharon Santoni began a blog to share her life in Normandy with a unique voice and original content. To her surprise, she amassed a significant, organic following of highly engaged readers around the world.

Sharon has since expanded her brand into a multi-faceted business including a curated subscription box service, an online boutique, and a luxury travel & tour program and since 2019 the My French Country Home Magazine .  

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Our Team

Sharon Santoni

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

British by origin but French at heart, Sharon Santoni first came to France as a student, fell in love with France and with a cute French boy and never looked back. She has since made her life here. With her husband, they raised their family of four children in their home in the countryside of Normandy. It was as she watched her children grow up and leave home that she felt a vital need to reinvent herself. Without any formal training or experience, she created a blog in 2010 to share her love of France and authentic French country lifestyle. Her style, vision, elegance and intuition quickly captured an international audience, leading Sharon to publish two bestselling books, guide luxury private tours around France, create an online business, and launch My French Country Home Magazine.

Natalie Becci

Travel Coordinator

Natalie was born and raised in London but moved to France at the age of 12. A few years after getting her degree at UAL London College of Fashion, she followed her heart and joined her partner in Chartres, an hour outside Paris, where she traded the big city life to a much calmer setting. Natalie is often in and out of Paris for work, to spend time with friends, and for shopping trips. Natalie takes care of all the magazine customer care, is also in charge of all MFCH Tour admin and recently helped launch MFCH Travel.

Nicola Clark

Contributing Magazine Writer & Editor

Nicola is an American who first moved to France in 1999. A journalist, she worked for The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times in Paris and Hong Kong, as well as for various news organizations in London, Tokyo and New York. Nicola has a master’s degree in international affairs and is passionate about food, wine, travel and music — which helps explain how France captured her heart. Nicola is a contributing writer and editor for the My French Country Home print magazine.

Olivia Hoffman

Brand Strategist, Writer & Digital Editor

Self-defined as a Chicago-born New Yorker, Olivia moved to Paris in 2020 to get her MBA at the University of Paris Sorbonne Business School. A true Francophile at heart, Olivia’s background is in fashion, and she adores French wine. Forever wanderlust, she enjoys traveling around France and exploring the world. In addition to writing digital articles for the website and contributing to the print magazine, she also handles the strategy and analytics behind new business ventures and brand expansion at MFCH.

Sarah Nusz

Subscription Box & Boutique Manager

Arriving from Arizona initially as a temporary au pair, Sarah has lived in Paris since 2013. Her love of French wine and fashion has kept her here – in the idyllic, artistic neighborhood of Montmartre. She enjoys all things French and is always anticipating the latest trends which is what makes our online boutique so fabulous. Sarah is the machine behind our quarterly subscription box service and online boutique offering the best of French brands and antiques.

Madeleine Piggott

Contributing Magazine Writer & Editor

A Londoner and long-time lover of French literature, art, and food, Madeleine took the plunge and pursued her lifelong dream of moving to Paris in 2020. Since starting this new chapter, she has undertaken a Master’s Degree in Art History, dabbled in the world of contemporary art curation, and now works as an interior designer, alongside her work as a writer, editor, and some-time graphic designer for My French Country Home and the MFCH Magazine.

Haley Sorensen

Customer Service

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