MFCH Itineraries

by Natalie Becci

Let us guide you around France with a selection of exclusive itineraries curated by Sharon Santoni and the My French Country Home team.

Explore Nice – France’s second-largest city – and the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur, boasting some of the world’s most glamorous coastal towns.

Wander through Normandy’s luscious, green fields spanning hundreds of kilometers to the west of Paris, all the way to the Atlantic coast.

Venture to a part of southern France hidden discreetly between the glamorous Cote d’Azur and the romantic Provence. 

Explore an incredibly enchanting village set against a sparkling, aquamarine lake surrounded by rocky, snow-capped mountains.

tour de france in 28 days

Take a month-long adventure to visit France. Drive from the northern Normandy region, all the way down to the quaint villages of Provence.

Burgundy Chateaux & Wine in 5 days

Meander through mile-long vineyards, visit ancient chateaux, and enjoy great hotels and fine dining. Enjoy these 5 days, planned for you.