Recipe: Pumpkin Quiche 

by olivia hoffman

For a French take on everyone’s favorite seasonal squash, what could be more perfect than an easy pumpkin quiche? In the September/October 2023 magazine, we feature this and four other divine fall recipes straight from the “heavenly” cookbook that has become a worldwide sensation: The Nun’s Table.


On a retreat to Mont-Saint-Michel in 2021, food stylist and photographer Laurence du Tilly was invited to join in the preparation of the communal meals with the Benedictine sisters living there. Over time, her bond with the nuns deepened. Over one particularly delicious dinner, Laurence quietly asked if the sisters might share the recipe with her. Describing her work and life as a stylist in Paris, she could see their eyes light up with excitement… For years, they had been dreaming of publishing their own cookbook, but hadn’t known where to begin.

Without hesitation, Laurence offered to help. It felt like a moment of divine intervention.

Laurence immersed herself in the nuns’ daily lives, gaining their trust along the way. The result is The Nun’s Table (À la Table des Soeurs), a collection of recipes that reflects their familial and sororal approach to food. The accompanying photos capture their joy, gentleness, and acts of service in the village as well as in the kitchen.

We’re delighted to share some of their simple seasonal recipes in the September/October edition which honor or favorite fall flavors, colors and aromas. Get the latest Sept/Oct issue to see our selection, our purchase the book on the MFCH Boutique to try all of their delicious recipes. Here you will find a savory autumn pastry that we simply adore, using less than 10 ingredients!

Photos by Laurence du Tilly

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