Fabulous Floral Atelier at the Château de Chenonceau

by olivia hoffman
Photographs by © Leonard de Serres

Set against an idyllic woodland in the Loire Valley, the Château de Chenonceau stands as a piece of architectural beauty inspired by the opulence of Venetian palaces. In our September/October 2023 edition of the magazine, we go inside the elegant halls of the château to see the magnificent bouquets which are crafted weekly in the atelier (workshop) to outfit each of the castle’s 20 rooms.


The château’s “Potager des Fleurs” (flower garden) provides a full hectare (2.5 acres) of flowers and vegetation which are used by the small floral team to conjure exquisite combinations of fresh bouquets. Under the helm of Jean-François Boucher, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France) – a prestigious title awarded to highly skilled artisans and craftsmen – the team of florists breathes vibrant, colorful life into the ancient 16th century walls.

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In this charming video by Château de Chenonceau, watch the craftsmen and women at work – starting their day in the early hours of the morning in the garden then carefully composing the masterpieces in the workshop. Featuring close up shots of the diverse array of flowers as well as the final product bouquets artfully placed around the castle’s interior, enjoy this inside look at the florals of Château de Chenonceau.

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