French Interior Design Inspiration for Spring

by Maddy Piggott
Tulips MFCH French Spring Interior Inspiration
Photo by Edoardo Grassi

In French homes around the country, the seasonal transition from winter to spring brings forth a flurry of activity. During this time, the French embrace a practice deeply rooted in their culture: the art of refreshing their homes for spring.

Not only does this involve a traditional spring clean and practical preparations for the warmer months ahead, it is also a time that the French seek to rejuvenate their living spaces, infusing their homes with light, color, and a sense of joie de vivre.


Drawing inspiration from the spring interiors showcased in the 2023 and 2024 issues of the Magazine — from the easy charm of rural cottages to the lofty elegance of city apartments — join us as we delve into the techniques that define the Gallic approach to this annual ritual and bring you design tips on how you to add a touch of French sophistication to your own home this season.

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1. Refresh your interior with flowers

During the spring the French embrace a philosophy of renewal and embrace the beauty of the season. As soon as the first Mimosa flowers begin to bloom, heralding the arrival of spring at the end of winter, homes across France are suddenly inundated with vibrant displays of flowers adorning every available surface.

Buying a new bouquet of flowers every week remains a cherished tradition in France, with an emphasis on selecting seasonal blooms, which keep your bouquet looking fresh for longer. From late February, you might see newly budding branches, such as cherry blossoms, being brought indoors by those who prefer minimal floral arrangements. In March, however, expect to find vibrant tulips, which add an enlivening splash of color, while April calls for the delicate beauty of lilacs. As May unfolds, fluffy peonies take center stage, infusing homes with their captivating scent.

2. Include natural materials for a French country style

During spring and summer, indoor and outdoor living seamlessly merge in rural France. Reflecting this harmony, French country design utilizes natural materials like rattan, bamboo, and wicker to evoke the outdoor ambiance indoors. Lightweight yet textured, these elements add warmth and effortless character, imbuing your home with the revitalizing essence of rural France.

3. Refresh your fabrics for spring

In France, where AC is uncommon, an essential seasonal task involves replacing heavy winter fabrics with lighter materials to ensure comfort without depending on cooling systems. Consider swapping heavy curtains for sheer fabrics, in neutral shades which maximize natural light and ventilation. Similarly, lightweight area rugs — like those made of jute — that can be easily rolled up facilitate airflow, trapping less heat in your home than wool or velvet alternatives. Lastly, select breathable materials for bedding and throw pillows; not only will these fabrics help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the warmer months, but instil a refreshing springtime vibe and bright atmosphere into any room.

4. Be bold with seasonal colors and patterns

Fresh interior inspiration can always be found by introducing vibrant spring colors and patterns into your palette. Consider using pastel shades like soft pinks, greens, blues, and yellows on your walls, furnishings or in your artwork to create a fresh and airy atmosphere. Alternatively, floral patterns in your throw pillows, curtains, upholstery, and wall décor add a touch of springtime charm and can help brighten up any room.

5. Infuse your interior with spring scents

Spring offers an ideal opportunity to revive another cherished French tradition: the kitchen herb garden. While scented candles, diffusers, or potpourri in light, fresh fragrances like lavender, rose, or citrus provide wonderful scents, the addition of a herb garden amplifies the sensory experience, allowing the smell of aromatic herbs to waft through your home, infusing it with the vitality of the season.

6. Update your space with spring inspired décor

Much like swapping in lighter fabrics, consider switching dark-colored accessories for lighter, brighter options. Adding decorative items like colorful ceramics, candles, woven baskets, or patterned linens easily enhance the springtime atmosphere in any space.

7. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Finally, indulge in the French penchant for leisurely afternoons. Take advantage of any sunny windows or corners in your living space and fashion a cozy spot to relax and simply enjoy the good weather. Include a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge, topped with a soft throw blanket, and accompany it with a stack of books to create a serene space where you can unwind and enjoy the season.

Written by Madeleine Piggott

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