French Chocolate Masterpieces for Easter

by olivia hoffman

One thing the French are certainly religious about is their chocolate. As soon as spring rolls around, all of the best French chocolatiers are eager to unveil their inventive spins on Easter eggs and a delicious menagerie of animal-shaped chocolates. Their creative creations go up on display like prized Michelangelo sculptures, with children and adults alike lining up to get their hands on the tasty masterpieces.


This year, once again, the chocolate artists did not fail to impress. Take a look at five of our favorite French chocolatiers’ springtime works of art. 

Le Nôtre

The playful theme of Le Nôtre’s seasonal collection is “Vive la chasse aux oeufs!” (“Long live the Easter egg hunt!”), inviting gourmands of every age to rediscover the joys of the classic childhood game with a surprise to indulge in with every bite.

The pièce de résistance of the Easter collection by pastry chef Etienne Leroy is a monumental chocolate work of art evoking springtime rebirth and the traditional egg hunt. Featuring daisy flowers adorned in a cocoa casing and eggs dipped in gold leaf, the 11 kg (24 lb) structure sits atop a pedestal inspired by the gardens of Paris.

La Mère de Famille

La Mère de Famille has opened the barn doors to a bestiary of chocolate creatures from traditional rabbits and hens to a family of bears and a school of various fish! With over 100 different models created for the season, animal-lovers are sure to find their favorite.

A new addition to their Easter collection, the chocolatier has also introduced a deep-sea Easter box which includes aquatic-shaped treats like octopus, seahorses, shellfish and other adorable crustacean. 

La Maison du Chocolat

Gearing up for the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, La Maison du Chocolat takes a sporty approach to their cacao creations. Their milk and dark chocolate egg athletes are hopping to the finish line in textured sacs!

The centerpiece supporting the competing egg champions is an egg-shaped timer at the center of a crunchy chocolate racing track.

Alain Ducasse

In typical Alain Ducasse fashion, the chocolatier’s designs take on a geometric interpretation of classic springtime animals such as chicks, bunnies, French hens, and even woodpeckers and peacocks!

The special egg in this spring’s nest is an architectural assembly of 8 hexagonal dark chocolate disks filled with almond-hazelnut praline achieving an impressive (and tasty) balancing act.

Jean-Paul Hévin

Jean-Paul Hévin reveals a modern art approach to Easter with traditional hens and fish streaked with colorful splatters of paint à la Jackson Pollock. They have also used the egg shape to create sleek chicks and hedgehogs as well as a Parisian owl which features pink Eiffel-tower shaped feathers.

This year’s “Paris For Ever” theme puts the City of Lights in the spotlight with an egg emblematic of a Parisian landscape, lighting up the night sky with classic city streetlamps.  

Whether you celebrate the Easter holiday or not, everyone is welcome to hop on the inventive chocolate concoctions to ring in the start of a sweet new spring season.

Written by Olivia Hoffman

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