Patricia Wells Personal Antique Collection For Sale by Chez Pluie 

by olivia hoffman
Photos courtesy of Chez Pluie

Get ready for the gastronomic and decorative antique sale of a lifetime…

The esteemed American journalist, author, restaurant critic, and celebrated cooking instructor Patricia Wells and her husband, Walter, welcome you to their beloved farmhouse and home in Provence for an exclusive online event offering cuisine and antique enthusiasts the rare opportunity to acquire a piece of their personal collection.  

Patricia Wells, celebrated for her illustrious career, has long been revered as one of the most influential figures in the culinary world. Her profound influence on the gastronomic landscape has blended French sophistication with American flare to create a culinary legacy that continues to inspire.

Her groundbreaking work as the global restaurant critic for the International Herald Tribune catapulted her to international acclaim, earning her a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on French cuisine. With her keen palate and discerning eye, she guided readers on a gastronomic journey through the streets of Paris and beyond, uncovering hidden culinary gems and championing the artisans and chefs who elevated French cooking to an art form. Her award-winning cookbooks which include Simply French, Patricia Wells at Home in Provence, and The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris (just to name a few) have revolutionized how tourists and locals explore France’s vibrant food culture.

Patricia has devoted her life to sharing France’s rich traditions in the kitchen. She also happened to be a close friend and mutual admirer of Julia Child, the iconic American chef who introduced a generation to authentic French cuisine. The two kindred spirits were united by their passion for food and their insatiable curiosity and their bond spanned decades. Julia even gave Patricia her white, 1960s La Cornue stove from her home in Grasse (in exchange for a new oven), which Patricia considered the equivalent of owning Sigmund Freud’s couch. 

Arguably her most enduring legacy, Patricia’s role as a culinary educator through her popular cooking school, “At Home with Patricia Wells,” has bridged the gap between cultures and generations with her infectious passion for food and her boundless enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge. (See for yourself in this short video where Patricia shares her mushroom soup recipe “At Home” with MFCH Founder Sharon Santoni!)  

As avid admirers of French craftsmanship and Provençal tradition, each piece of Patricia and Walter’s vast collection of antiques has been lovingly acquired over decades of living in their beloved home and Provençal haven, Chanteduc (“song of the owl” in the Occitan dialect). Turning the page to a new chapter, the Wells’ are parting with a number of precious items from their collection, gracefully passing them on to their next devoted admirer.

Proudly hosted by Chez Pluie, the premier online destination for exquisite and high-quality French antiques for an international clientele, Patricia and Walter’s extraordinary personal collection of epicurean objects and decorative antiques will be made available for purchase beginning March 22. With a history of satisfied and loyal customers, Chez Pluie is the perfect platform to present this legendary assemblage of artifacts. Started in 2015 by Australian expats to Provence, Hugh and Susannah Cameron, the couple have amassed a vast network of French antique specialists and artisans which have enabled Chez Pluie to offer new, one-of-a-kind pieces weekly to customers around the globe.

Honored to host this momentous occasion for their fellow expats to the region, Chez Pluie has put together a full editorial catalog that lists each of the items for sale as seen in the photos at Chatenduc. Meticulously organized in categories ranging from “Julia’s Kitchen” and “Patricia’s Kitchen” to “Treasured Monograms” and “Cooking with Copper,” you will soon discover that this sale is an absolute culinary treasure trove.

Beyond the world of cuisine, there are even categories for “Walter’s Tools” and “Around the Farmhouse” to “Le Salon” and “Le Bureau,” giving patrons the opportunity to take home multiple elements of the Wells’ creative world. Flipping through the virtual pages, it is clear that each item holds a unique story of passion, craftsmanship, artistry, and love.  

You can find the full catalog here.

Whether you are a seasoned collector, a culinary enthusiast, or simply an admirer of French culture and history, the opportunity to acquire a piece of Patricia Wells’ personal collection is not to be missed. More than a mere acquisition of exquisite antiques, this sale offers a glimpse into the intimate worlds of Patricia and Julia – two culinary icons. Each item is a testament to the enduring legacy of these remarkable trailblazing women whose passion for food and culture has left an indelible mark on the world of French cooking.

Written by Olivia Hoffman


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