Tour the Parisian Apartment of Gallery Owner Fanny Saulay

by olivia hoffman
Photo of Wilo & Grove Art Gallery

From business school, to studying History of Art, to a sojourn at Christie’s auctioneers, Fanny Saulay and Olivia de Fayet worked side-by-side for several years before deciding to launch a gallery together in Paris. In our new March/April 2024 edition of the magazine, we sat down with Fanny and Olivia, the founders of Wilo & Grove Gallery, who believe that every home should have an original piece of art. The duo are on a mission to inform and educate their clientèle, demystifying the modern art scene to assist beginners in curating their own collections.


One of the secrets to their gallery’s success is the fact that their space looks more like a hip apartment than a stoic gallery. This decision has helped the pair break traditional gallery codes, proving – as they explain – that “you can be serious about art, but without the need to take yourself too seriously.”

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In this intimate video by Parisian Vibe, Fanny takes us on a tour through her gorgeous apartment in the heart of Paris. Here we can see just how this talented gallery owner puts her great taste and keen eye into practice in her own home.

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