A New Book by Creative Director & Entrepreneur Clare Vivier: La Vie de Clare V.

by olivia hoffman
Photo by © Thierry Vivier

The woman whose style is simultaneously “Paris Chic” and “L.A. Cool” celebrates the 15 year anniversary of her eponymous brand with the new release of her first book, La Vie de Clare V.

Clare V. is a fashion and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California that takes great inspiration from the founder’s adopted French background – combining laid-back California style with Parisian polish. Having a desire to live in the fashion capital of the world, Clare Vivier moved to France after college in 1995. During this time, as the book explains, she met her then-boyfriend, now-husband Thierry Vivier at a Parisian dinner party of a fellow expatriate American – a fitting love story as the mélange of these two cultures becomes a common theme for Clare V. Together the pair would travel to France every summer and now own a gorgeous home that they lovingly renovated in her husband’s hometown in the Loire Valley.

Photo by © Olivia Hoffman / My French Country Home

Beginning with Vivier’s personal history and Clare V.’s origin story, it becomes clear that every part of the brand has Clare’s touch woven into it. With the turn of each page, a colorful tapestry of her L.A. roots combined with her passion of French culture is continuously presented both throughout the book and in her products.

Her care for colors and fascination with fonts is ever-present – catching the eye and holding your attention as you try to understand how a bag could be so simple yet so bold. The carefully stylized shots of her vast collection are balanced by casual closet-selfies and reinforced with photographs of places and items that have inspired her.

Thumbing through this coffee table-worthy book, it’s hard not to get inspired. The visual journey is satisfyingly “Bourgeoisie Sauvage,” as Clare V. would call it – one of the brand’s signature phrases that has come to be translated as “perfectly imperfect.” The photos, at first, may appear chaotic yet somehow flow seamlessly. The balance of colors and patterns is meticulously thought-out, making each page a delightful feast for the eyes.

In addition to the artistic imagery, the story of Clare V. is equally as inspiring. Interspersed with quotes of praise and support from various fashion industry figures, philanthropic founders, and celebrity fans, diverse elements of the company’s DNA are thoughtfully exhibited in the text. Each contributor’s considerate words along with Clare’s narration serve as the strong and steady thread tying together the patchwork of playful photographs – a true embodiment of the Clare V. brand.

To journey through the pages of Français-L.A. fashion, you can buy Clare’s book here. You can also shop their online store or visit one of the brand’s 14 stores around the United States.

**Don’t miss the Paris Pop Up!**

If you happen to be in Paris between September 29th and December 31st, be sure to visit Clare V.’s 15th standalone shop – the brand’s first major international expansion – timed to celebrate Clare V.’s 15th anniversary!

Not only is the store a homecoming for Vivier, now a French citizen, but it’s a chance to celebrate a year of special launches and releases. The store will house the Clare V. x Monoprix collection — the first time the celebrated French retailer has partnered with a U.S. brand and designer — along with Vivier’s debut book, published by Rizzoli, La Vie de Clare V.: Paris Chic, L.A. Cool. Opening September 29th in the Marais at 97 rue de Turenne.

See the complete Clare V. collection on their website.

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