Tips & Tricks for Fall French Décor

by olivia hoffman
Sharon Santoni’s festive pups: Gibson and Ghetto

There’s something exhilarating about the arrival of that crisp autumn air. The slow days of summer have succumbed to the exciting rush of a brisk new season filled with pumpkins and squash, warm drinks and hearty meals, cozy nights and the return of routine. The vibrant greens nurtured by the summer sun start transitioning to a warm and mesmerizing palate of reds and oranges before wilting away to a frosty winter.


The pleasant energy that accompanies this season inspires us to spend a little more time at home, fixing our space to transform with the fall foliage. In France, the esthetic of fall décor is more natural and modest than that of the U.S. – you won’t see any sheet ghosts flying from trees or artificial spiderwebs covering the bushes (though you could perhaps catch some authentic versions of the like at an old French château…). You will, however, find multi-colored gourds displayed on steps, dried foliage and flowers poking out of earthenware vases, as well as crafty imitations of perennial mushrooms and leaves alongside wicker baskets filled with the season’s bounties.

Taking inspiration from the colorful nature that surrounds us, we present some of our favorite tips and tricks to achieve a charming display of fall décor à la française that will leave your home looking like a treat.

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Mix Pumpkins with Flowers

Just because the blooms of spring and summer are no longer the center of attention doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t still share the stage! Place vibrant autumn blooms like dahlias and chrysanthemums next to multi-colored gourds and pumpkins for a perfect transitional display.

Spotlight End-of-Season Sunflowers

Sunflowers start popping their faces up in the height of summer, but some of those late bloomers wait around until October. Put a spotlight on those end-of-season beauties with a bouquet surrounded by earth tones (or inside an antique earthenware pot). It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra sun in the house as the days get shorter.

Display Dried Foliage

Think twice about the wilting foliage before you expel it from the garden. To complement the lively hues of the season, a few sprigs of branches and dried vegetation bring a delicate yet ever-lasting energy to a room. It’s an unexpected, delightful touch. The stylists of the renovated boutique hotel Manufacture Royale de Lectoure featured in the “Glorious Minimalism” interiors piece in the September/October 23 issue make fabulous use of branches for bouquets.

Get Funky with Fungi

Domaine de Primard – Fonteneille Hotel in Normandy and former home of Catherine Deneuve

The French love their champignons (mushrooms). In fact, there’s a whole room in Domaine de Primard – the 5-star hotel and MFCH Normandy Tour destination – practically dedicated to the fungal treat (first photo). You can shop a similar mushroom-shaped stool here or keep an eye out for little fungi trinkets available at your local flower market like the ones we have in Paris.

Go Wild with Wicker Baskets

There are so many ways to play with wicker baskets, especially around the autumn harvest. Fill them up with apples and squash from the local market to display in the kitchen or topple it over with pumpkins and gourds artfully falling out. Use antique baskets for an extra dose of charm.  

Add Autumnal Touches on the Table

Décor doesn’t have to stop at pure ornamentation – it can be functional too! Adorn the table with autumnal elements like tinted leaf plates that enhance the presentation of the seasonal meal you’re about to enjoy. Elevate the table with candlesticks and scattered flowers.

Bring Out the Velvet

The summer linens can be put away for the season, making room for the plush and cozy velvet cushions ideal for chilly months. We love the balmy colors offered in the limited edition pillow collection by Sézane which match perfectly with these darling velvet pumpkins.

As you pull together your autumn décor, keep in mind these French styling tips to add a touch of “fall in France” to your home and garden – we promise these tricks will lead to an optic treat!

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