How to Design a French Country Bathroom

by Maddy Piggott
french bathroom
Photo by Renée Frinking in the Jul/Aug 22 magazine

When it comes to creating an inviting bathroom space, few styles rival the timeless elegance of French Country decor. Rooted in the laid-back charm of provincial life, the French Country aesthetic exudes warmth, sophistication, and a touch of Old-World romance.


From the selection of clawfoot tubs, to rustic stone slabs and ornate fixtures, each feature in a French Country bathroom is carefully selected to instill a feeling of beauty and tranquility. 

So, if you’re eager to update your bathroom in the French Country style, let’s delve into some tips for bringing the allure of rural France directly into your home!

Keep it Natural

At the heart of the French Country style is the use of natural materials. A simple way to add a rustic touch is by integrating one or two pieces of wooden furniture. Think weathered oak vanities, reclaimed wood shelving, or even a statement wooden ladder repurposed as a towel rack. These natural touches bring warmth and texture to your bathroom design and help to create the invitingly lived-in environment of this style.

For more major renovations, French bathrooms nearly always make interesting use of tiles. For depth and a touch of authenticity, consider incorporating natural stone tiles such as limestone or travertine, or opt for patterned tiles inspired by traditional French motifs.

Select Soft Colors

Warm neutrals, subdued pastels, and earthy hues evoking the countryside usually dominate in French Country design. For bathrooms, the goal is to establish a tranquil ambiance conducive to relaxation, which can best be achieved by choosing soft tones within your preferred color family. If you’re planning on using white, consider a warm-toned paint over a crisp shade for overall harmony.

Find Vintage Items

One of the joys of decorating in the French country style is scouring flea markets and antique shops for unique treasures. From clawfoot tubs, to oversized mirrors and vintage paintings, these one-of-a-kind finds not only add beauty to your bathroom, but give you the opportunity to channel your inner francophile and display your eclectic tastes.

Don’t Forget the Fixtures

Whether it’s gilded tapware or vintage-inspired towel heaters, the metal fixtures in your bathroom cannot be overlooked. Gold accents, such as brass taps, shower heads and towel hooks add a luxurious touch that’s quintessentially French.

However, don’t be afraid to mix metals. Pairing brass with bronze or silver creates a sophisticated yet eclectic look that’s right at home in a French country setting.

Embrace Nature

No French country bathroom would be complete without a nod to nature. Fresh flowers in antique pitchers or printed linens and wallpaper paying homage to botanical motifs infuse your space with some vibrancy and the fragrant scents of the countryside.

Luxuriate in the Details

Finally, don’t forget the luxurious details! Indulge the French way by equipping your bathroom with plush towels, scented soaps, and elegant accessories, inviting a sense of joie de vivre into your everyday routine!

Written by Madeleine Piggott

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