How to Update your French Country Style Home

by Maddy Piggott
French Country Style
Photos of Victoria Stainow’s home by © Joanna Maclennan, featured in our Jan/Feb 24 magazine.

Seasoned aficionados of French Country interior design are well aware that this timeless style seldom, if at all, falls out of vogue. Nevertheless, this assurance doesn’t necessarily mean that your decor won’t appear dated over time. 

Whether influenced by evolving tastes or the natural effects of daily wear and tear, elements in your home may eventually require replacement. 


The arrival of the new year presents an excellent opportunity to breathe new life into your home decor by infusing a sense of recontextualization and reimagination into this enduring and trusted style.

But how can you give this traditional look a modern and refreshed twist?

Make it Personal

Incorporating personal touches to your home serves as a powerful means to enhance or update whichever design style you are trying to achieve. This approach works particularly well for French Country-inspired interiors as carefully selected and unique antiques are an enduring hallmark of the style. For example, add authenticity and character to your French Country home by finding antique items using rustic materials, including earthenware, cast iron and copper.

Modernize with Color

Revitalizing the color palette of your French country-inspired home can be surprisingly transformative. Rather than following a totally neutral palette, introducing vibrant hues can bring a touch of vitality and contemporary flair to your period property. Colorful accessories paired with vintage furniture can give a new perspective to your existing pieces, adding a modern touch while respecting the essence of French country charm

Play with Patterns

Contrary to the common perception of a predominantly neutral palette, embracing patterns can bring a modern and relaxed ambiance whilst remaining true to the French country style. The Fleur-de-lis, Vichy checks, stripes, and natural motifs such as olive leaves, lavender sprigs and lemons are characteristic elements of the French country style. When skilfully combined across an array of soft furnishings — such as rugs, curtains, napkins, cushions, and bed throws —  these patterns result in a visually compelling effect, infusing your home with an artisanal sophistication.

Update the Basics

Efficient organization is a crucial aspect of any home refresh. Investing in good quality — and aesthetic — storage solutions, like wire baskets for fruits, vegetables and eggs, or a linen market bag for weekends, help to spread this style to often overlooked areas. The result: a harmonious and elevated living environment.

Get Gardening

With spring soon arriving, and summer on its heels, it is a great time to give your outdoor spaces some attention. Consider investing in garden furniture and equipment that captures the quintessential charm of French country design, including furniture, accessories, and essential elements. Pineapple Style’s Garden Furniture Set in white, the Metal Trellis for climbing plants, and the chic French Garden Bag from My French Country Home Boutique serve as delightful accents, enhancing the allure of your garden and perfectly complementing the seasonal transition.

Written by Madeleine Piggott

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