Dior’s Enchanted Forest Anniversary Windows

by olivia hoffman

Luxury enthusiasts may recall the highly anticipated reopening of Dior’s flagship store on Paris’ haute couture street Avenue Montaigne in March of 2022 after more than two years of renovations. Complete with a restaurant and cafe, an exhibition space, and three curated gardens, the remodeled masterpiece of a building certainly did not disappoint.


In light of the first anniversary of the store’s reopening, the creative team at Dior felt it to be of the utmost importance to commemorate the new boutique’s birthday with a sensational window display. Taking inspiration from an image from the archives of an owl constructed from Dior fabric and metal parts in 1973, the team crafted a full forest of enchanted elements and characters using recycled scraps from the atelier.

Including 100 butterflies, 180 bees, and dozens of other flora and fauna, the elaborate window décor transforms pieces of prêt-a-porter into something of a work of art.

Watch the video below to see the magical Dior Forest come to life on 30 Avenue Montaigne!

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