French Style & Dressing with Caroline de Maigret

by sharon santoni
woman modeling in street

Paris is fashionable in any month, but none more so than in September, when new fall wardrobe trends are heralded in in waves as the world-famous Fashion Week descends upon the City of Light.

Catwalks and installations go up in the gardens and streets, sparkling activations pop-up around every corner, and the days and nights are filled with glamorous events & parties (as you might imagine, there is no better time to stake your claim on a terrace and people watch).


In honor of the stylish season, we’re sharing this video of Caroline De Maigret, whose book – Older but Better, but Older: The Parisian Art of Growing Up, narrating the changes that come with the transition from mademoiselle to madame – was featured in our Jan/Feb 20 issue‘s “MFCH Book Club.” An international model and music producer and global reference for cool girl style, trust us when we say there is no truer expert.

Click below to dive into her wardrobe and learn the secrets behind dressing French!

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