French Table Etiquette with Maison du Bac

by ally redmond

Different cultures naturally have their own unique customs, traditions and ways of going about things, and France is no exception. There are many particularities to the culture, one especially striking one to visitors remark on is the differences in table etiquette.

As Thanksgiving and the end of year holidays approach, our Editor-in-Chief Sharon Santoni paid a visit the owners of Maison du Bac, an esteemed French brand that specializes in tableware, which they sell out of their enchanting shop in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. In addition to their gorgeous offerings, Octavie and Cécile also bring to their work their family traditions and savoir-vivre.


Check out the video below for their light-hearted look at French table etiquette, manners, family and more, plus five petit rules to remember around your next dinner table soirée!

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