Recipe: Chicken Fricassee with Crayfish

by sharon santoni
a plate of Chicken Fricasse with crayfish

Who better to turn to than Alain Ducasse for a lesson in classic French bistro food? His book, Classic French Comfort Food, is an homage to three Parisian bistros he manages – Allard, Aux Lyonnais and Benoît. Each one an institution in its own right, they have been serving up authentic dishes to Parisians and visitors for over a century.


Halfway between a sauté and a stew, chicken fricassée is grand-mère‘s classic. In this decadent twist, Ducasse uses crayfish to make a delicious bouillon and meaty complement to tender chicken.

Read on to learn how to cook this staple of French fare.


the cover of Alain Duccasse's book 'Bistro"Bistro: Classic French Comfort Food

Written by Alain Ducasse
Published by Rizzoli
Photography by Pierre Monetta
$ 35.00


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