French Chocolatiers for Valentine’s Day

by olivia hoffman

© Alain Ducasse

One of France’s ultimate delicacies is its gourmet chocolate. The biggest French chocolatiers use the Valentine’s Day holiday as an opportunity to get creative and offer special, limited-edition heart-themed treats.


Read on to discover what the imaginative chocolate artisans have concocted to help us celebrate love in 2023!

Alain Ducasse

Love for eternity was on Alain Ducasse’s mind as their design for a “Layered Infinite Heart” drops in stores for the holiday. The craftsmen behind the famed chef’s branded chocolates succeeded in alternating five layers of chocolate and almond-hazelnut praline with geometric sides made of milk and dark chocolate, resulting in a decadent treat big enough to melt more than one heart.

Staying in the geometric theme, Ducasse also created “Pépicoeurs” (little heart nuggets) made with almond praline and Corsican clementine compote and mini “Hexa-hearts” which look like they’ve been struck by cupid!

Jean-Paul Hévin

Declare your love with this gourmet collection. Jean-Paul Hévin’s Valentine’s Day creations look like a love letter in chocolate form. Packaged in a golden square box or in a metal branded jar, these little punctuated bites can be accompanied with pink pearl hearts.

Bite-sized symbols of love can also be found inside their “Time for Love” hollow heart. Criss-crossed with layers of chocolate and loaded with edible lips and teddy bears, this creation reveals the treasures hidden in the heart.

La Maison du Chocolat

Guaranteed to make your heart melt, the oh-so Parisian Valentine’s Day chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat is the epitome of French romance. For the main design of the collection, a hazelnut concoction was blended to achieve a creamy backdrop to a red chocolate Paris skyline.

There are also options for a more traditional assorted box of chocolates, either in the shape of a heart or in a rectangular box with individual treats framing the declaration of love en français: a chocolate sign that reads “Je t’aime” (I love you).

Pierre Marcolini

The “Heart to Heart” collection by Pierre Marcolini is dedicated to special encounters and wonderful adventures with your nearest and dearest. For a colorful celebration of love, the maison’s iconic fruity hearts with compote infusions are a unique treat. For love that is worth more than gold, a box of 16 individually wrapped golden chocolate bars will win over anyone.

When it comes to telling that special someone that they complete you, there is no better way to say it than with the “One bite, one heart” chocolate delight. Split into two indulgent halves – one hazelnut praline and one toasted sesame – this simple puzzle is perfect for the one who holds your heart.

Hugo & Victor

“In case of love at first site, break the ice!” That is the slogan for Hugo & Victor’s Valentine’s Day collection, and it is definitely not a bad idea! Their assorted chocolates are packaged in an adorable notebook with a window into the delicacies that lay inside. Take it to the next level with a gift box of goodies composed of chocolate pieces, caramelized nuts, and gourmet marshmallows.

If you are in Paris, the limited edition “Entremets Coeur” made from an almond cookie base, filled with rose water lychee compote and grapefruit cream, and topped with lychee mousse are available to order from February 10th to 14th.

Patrick Roger

Known for their avant-garde take on chocolate creations, Patrick Roger never fails to shock and delight. Heating up this romantic time of the year, the chocolatier has two limited edition creations that are “dans tous les sens et pour tous les sens” (“in every sense and for every sense”). One – the “Coeur Strings” – is meant to tug at your emotions and the other – the “Coeur Sex” – is meant to tug you in the direction of, well, something else… Pick your pleasure!

Whether you are celebrating romance, friendship, or self-love this holiday, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolate.

Written by Olivia Hoffman

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