How to Wear French Florals for Spring

by olivia hoffman

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Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Sarcastically remarked by the infamous character Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, this legendary line perhaps – dare we say – came on a little too strong. It is true, floral motifs do tend to pop up in the latest fashion trends around the onset of springtime, but for good reason.


With winter finally over and that fresh spring smell dancing in the air, it is only fitting to want to integrate the very essence of the season into your wardrobe. In fact, the current collections from the coolest French fashion brands all have a touch of the floral in their printemps (spring) offering. Perhaps Miranda should take note from les femmes françaises.

Read on for our “how-to” on wearing florals like the French this spring season.

Allover Print Dresses

You know it’s officially spring when all the new floral prints for dresses start popping up. The allover print patterns from Sézane this season are so refined, and the different fits and styles make it a one-stop-shop for refreshing your casual spring wardrobe. With the busy motifs, all you need to complete the outfit is a pair of neutral sandals and voilà! A comfy, classic, chic look for spring.

Shop Sézane

Dramatic Maxi Dresses

Need a new outfit for a garden party? Look no further than these dramatic maxi dresses from Sandro and BA&SH. With stunning details and interwoven floral elements, these elegant looks will achieve a perfect “garden goddess” look.

Shop SandroShop BA&SH

Flower Power Jumpsuits

Nothing says “flower power” like a head-to-toe floral jumpsuit! Maje and Sandro will have you blossoming this spring with these creative pieces. Special added touches like tie fronts and puffy sleeves are clever details that animate the ensemble beyond the pattern.

Shop SandroShop Maje

Embroidered Flower Dresses

If print and color isn’t your cup of tea, there are still plenty of floral options to choose from in white and neutral shades. These adorable dresses from Sézane and Maje take the more subtle route with embroidered floral motifs. A perfectly understated and classic foray in spring fashion.

Shop SézaneShop Maje

Eyelet Embroidered Blouses

While an embroidered dress leans toward a more subtle mark, an embroidered blouse can elevate an outfit and even serve as a statement piece. Eyelet blouses from Sézane and Maje add volume and glam to otherwise basic looks.

Shop SézaneShop Maje

Silky Floral Tops

Light and flowy V-neck tops bring fresh energy into the spring wardrobe. The Kooples has a few different options of colorful and energetic floral patterns that are also easy to layer with a light sweater or scarf.

Shop The Kooples

Flower Print Pants

Patterned pants are all the rage. To feel like you are springing right up from the ground with the rest of the seasonal blooms, check out these fun trousers from BA&SH and A.P.C. Get the full French look by pairing it with the matching top.

Shop BA&SHShop A.P.C.

Blooming Earrings

A head full of flowers is all over Sézane. You don’t have to wear floral patterns to have a bloom in your wardrobe. Light and colorful earrings bring a bit of sunshine to any look. Check out Sézane’s jewelry section to see the whole bouquet of earrings this spring.

Shop Sézane Earrings

Floral Accessories

Beyond earrings, why not add a touch of spring to all your accessories? The Liberty Floral patterns from A.P.C. can accompany your matching outfit while a Monet Waterlilies silk scarf can stand out against a solid color blouse. For a day out in the garden, it is only fitting to match your flowers with an adorable floral hat from Maje.

Shop A.P.C.Shop Silk ScarfShop Maje

Now that the seeds have been planted, feed your “floral fever” with a curated selection of spring surprises in our MFCH May Box. Our “Vive le Printemps” box has us blooming with excitement for our subscribers to receive a charming collection of floral-themed gifts and accessories.

If you haven’t reserved your May Box yet, you can do so here!

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