The Great Trees of Paris – a new map by Amy Kupec Larue

by olivia hoffman
All photos by Barnabé Moinard © Blue Crow Media

All trees have a story to tell. Trees are silent witnesses to centuries of history – events, fashions, celebrations and discoveries. It is our collective responsibility for the 21st century to cherish all this natural patrimony, watching over its oldest members and planting the seeds for future greats.” – Amy Kupec Larue

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cities, one of the most extraordinary adventures to be had in a concrete jungle is uncovering the multitude of treasures hidden in the scattered green spaces.


In Paris, one of those unique treasures is the plethora of magnificent – and often ancient – trees! And lucky for you, there is a complete and comprehensive map of 50 of the greatest that will lead you straight there…

The Great Trees of Paris Map is Blue Crow Media’s third urban trees map publication following maps created for the great trees of New York and London. The Paris edition was photographed by Barnabé Moinard and the historical captions, details, and introduction were written by Amy Kupec Larue – a very knowledgeable plant lover and tour guide who is now a part of our very own MFCH Tours team!

Amy regularly leads garden tours from Paris to Normandy to the south of France and we are thrilled to have this passionate nature expert join us on our tours in 2024 to the coast of Brittany and the gardens of Dordogne. In her guide to the Great Trees of Paris, the walk highlights not only the majestic trees but also the best patisseries, lunch spots, and cultural sights to see along the way.

Here are a few of the trees you can expect to discover on this veritable quest around the 20 arrondissements…

Descriptions by Amy Kupec Larue, courtesy of Blue Crow Media

Judas Tree

These trees fill the lawns of the Grand Carré of Jardin des Tuileries with profuse deep fuchsia, edible blossoms in late spring – these appear on its branches and trunk, a phenomenon called ‘cauliflory’.

Jardin des Tuileries, 75001

Kentucky Coffeetree

Illuminating the square with its unique bark, golden colors and decorative flowers and pods, this tree’s seeds were used by American pioneers as a coffee substitute.

Square Robert Schumann, 75016

Lebanese Cedar

Planted in 1870 at the main entrance to Paris’s largest green space, this majestic tree, with its characteristic flattened crown, arches 25m above the avenue Principale. Padded cables support its double trunk.

Cemetery Père Lachaise, 75020

Littleleaf Linden

Embellishing this historic garden since its creation in 1633, the double linden alleys honor writer Colette and poet Jean Cocteau, both former residents, and have deliciously scented flowers in June.

Jardin du Palais Royale, 75001

Japanese Pagoda Tree

Setting a picturesque scene with its shapely branches gracing the water’s edge, this tree belongs to the pea family. Its yellow flowers are followed by golden foliage in autumn.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, 75019

Weeping Blue Atlas

Located behind the 1930s Claude Debussy monument, this uniquely shaped North African cedar was grafted from the original tree after an unexplained mutation in 1873.

Square Claude Debussy, 75016


This superb tree, on the righthand side of the main pathway, has been cleared of its lower leaves to reveal its recumbent silhouette and sculptural branches.

Arboretum, Bois de Vincennes 75012

To see all 50 great trees throughout Paris, you can purchase the map here.

If you are interested in joining one of our very own MFCH Tours throughout France (with a few featuring special guest Amy Kupec Larue!), you can visit our 2024 tour page here.

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