The Arts Collide In An Empty Louvre & d’Orsay

by sharon santoni
a couple embracing in paris at night

What would you do if you had the run of the Louvre and Musée D’Orsay?

For filmmakers Marin Troude and Tristan Helias it was the opportunity to fuse to usually opposing arts: ballet and skateboarding. Museum is the title of this elegant short film, set to the backdrop of Max Richter’s iconic track November.

Described as “a love story between a ballet dancer and a Parisian skateboarder in empty French museums,” the film beautifully blends artistic movement with the magnificent locations of museums Louvre and d’Orsay.

Ballet dancer Victoria Dauberville shows off her skills perfected dancing for Paris Opéra and Bordeaux Opéra. Not content with directing and producing, Tristan also plays the skateboarder.

We love this romantic and inspiring video for the dream-like dancing, and especially the emptiness of two of Paris’s most busy locations!

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