How to Forage Your Own Wreath

by olivia hoffman

**This article is a direct feature from the November/December 2023 My French Country Home magazine. To see more articles like this featuring talented French artists and artisans, be sure to subscribe to the magazine!**

Instead of purchasing a pre-made wreath this year, why not go out and forage one yourself? Simple and fresh, creating your own door décor is a wonderful way to impart your unique style into the holidays and make the most of winter’s bounties.


As the end of the year draws near, and our gardens are slowly reduced to shades of green and gray, there is a stillness and a beauty which calms the soul. After the riotous colors of summer, and the rich tones of fall, the winter appears, beckoning rest.

For the forager, who likes to craft bouquets and wreaths year round, this is the moment to prioritize texture over color. The interplay of shapes becomes the focal point and the eye turns to evergreen foliage that will maintain its fresh appearance while the wreath is on display.

Using your frame, start to group the foliage in small posies of 3 – 5 sprigs. Using florist’s wire, tie each bundle to the frame making sure to anchor them firmly: If the wreath is going to hang on a front door, you don’t want it falling apart with the first gust of wind!

Working your way around the frame, bind the sprigs into place and stand back regularly to judge the overall shape and spacing. The wire can be hidden discreetly between branches and wrapped around the back of the frame before looping it to the front to repeat the process.

Once all the frame is covered, it is easy to insert additional sprigs in order to achieve the balance and the fullness you desire.

Happy Foraging and wreath-making!

If you would like to see more floral how-to’s, check out the bouquet article in the “Savoir-Faire” feature category in every edition of the My French Country Home magazine.

Written and styled by Sharon Santoni

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