How To Decorate With House Plants

by sharon santoni
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Decorating with houseplants is a wonderful way to bring more nature inside. From the smallest cactus to a statuesque Monstera, there are lots of green choices and tons of ways to decorate with them.

Read on for our tips on how to decorate with house plants, inspired by the home of Florence de Boissieu – owner of Brocante de la Bruyère and Decoration Végétal Rungis.

1. Make a statement

A large plant is a great way to create a point of focus in living spaces. Good options are monstera deliciosa, snake plant, ficus plants.

Think about the size of the plant in relation to the size of the room. The larger plants will work best with more space so they don’t cramp other items. Position near or facing a window or so that they have access to lots of light.

a view of the sitting room at Florence de Boissieu's home © mfch magazine

2. Mix & match and layer up

Long succulents or climbing ivy are really pretty draped over chests and falling down the side of wardrobes. Intersperse smaller pots with decorative objects so you can create an eclectic scheme. Florence keeps to a vegetal theme with green-colored demijohns, glass cloches, and vintage globes.

When deciding how to decorate with house plants, remember that they come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. Enhance their differences by grouping them together – an instant eye-catcher!

a view of the sitting room at Florence de Boissieu's home © mfch magazine


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3. Go low maintenance

Generally, house plants don’t need as much upkeep as outdoor plants. Just the right amount of water, sunlight and some music (we hear this is great!) are all they need to stay healthy. When it comes to watering indoor plants, less is more. For example, succulents need water every 7 to 14 days in the summer months and every 3 to 4 weeks during winter.

We aren’t all fortunate enough to have flats or houses with lots of light. Ivy, snake plants, spider plants (is there a theme here?) are amongst the house plants that need the least light. This article has more inspiration for low-light plants.


4. Add some kitchen greens

Herbs like mint and sweet thyme are a fragrant and useful kitchen feature. Add in a lined wicker basket or terracotta pots so you can easily remove and water them (but not too much). Prune regularly so you keep the plants growing, fresh, and tasting delicious.

Succulents like aloe vera grow quickly and easily – a natural first aid kit for any kitchen burns!

mint and thyme in the kitchen


5. Pot luck

Finding cool pots for your plants is all part of the fun! Hanging baskets, plant stands, pots you can a-fix to the wall, any kind of container can be hollowed out and turned into a comfortable home for a house plant.

Adapt decoration your own space. Add small plants to staircases, inside open chests, on top of cupboards, on shelves, the mantle piece, in the bathroom. Did you know? Orchids love humidity and flourish next to the bath or shower!

inside deco vegetal rungisk


Decorating with house plants is a fun way to reinvent your interior design in a low-cost and fun way. These little green people will soon become part of the family! For more inspiration and further reading, we love this Architectural Digest article on the best indoor house plants for decorating the home.

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 issue of My French Country Home.


How do you have any tips for decorating with house plants? Let us know in the comments below!

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