How to Easily Own Europe Vacation Homes in France, Italy, Spain and England

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Here at MFCH, we take pride in being able to bring the best of France to your doorstep with our French living magazine, our travel resources, and our authentic French products. However, if that still isn’t enough, and you aspire to own your own home in France, we may have the answer to that too…


To many, European vacation homes conjure the idea of costly investments, fraught with time-consuming obligations and many challenges. From finding the right home and negotiating a fair price to navigating foreign legal and financial requirements to managing renovations, interior design, and upkeep abroad. It can all cost time, money, and a lot of energy.

To squash these concerns and make the dream of owning a second (third, fourth and fifth!) home in Europe possible, we would like to introduce you to a company called August.

August is a pioneer of shared holiday homeownership, with an enviable portfolio of European homes and a global homeowner community. It makes the experience of owning a European vacation home effortless; buying, designing, renovating, and managing collections of five homes. You buy all five, as a co-owner, and have nothing to do except immerse yourself in your new European lifestyle.

What is co-ownership?

August homeowners own four to five homes for less than the price of buying one. This is an equity purchase which offers real ownership, full transparency, and control. On average, owners can enjoy 8 weeks in their collection per year with peak time travel. Owners who travel off-peak can enjoy upwards of 12-14 weeks in their homes per year.

Addressing all of the barriers of second homeownership with one clever, turnkey solution, the August team carefully acquires and renovates desirable homes in the most iconic locations around France, Spain, Italy, and England. Each home is refurbished to the highest standards, leveraging a team of architects, interior designers, and local suppliers. August then fully maintains, manages, and services the homes year-round.

How it Works

With a points-based system categorized by on and off-peak periods, homeowners have an equal opportunity to book their desired stays throughout the year. The collections are curated to ensure a mix of travel preferences and schedules so there’s a balanced demand for the properties and a better experience for all homeowners. To ensure maximum occupancy, there are also last-minute booking opportunities, which don’t deduct from homeowners’ points – particularly suitable and attractive to those wanting spontaneous getaways!

The August team will also create the ultimate personalized guides for each neighborhood, with up-to-date information so you can truly live like a local. Homeowners have a dedicated team to assist with any booking enquiries and local property managers to make sure the stay is seamless. Once you’ve booked, all you have to do is show up and enjoy.

Different levels of Collections

Joining August provides access to a collection of homes in the most sought-after locations in Europe at a fraction of the cost and free from the irritations of maintaining a property.

There are four different collections of multigenerational homes to suit the different needs and lifestyles of travelers.

Pied-a-Terre Collection

Literally translated to ‘foot to the ground’, the Pied à Terre Collection features beautiful apartments in the culture capitals of Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, and Cannes. With year-round appeal and hyper-connected access, this Collection suits those who enjoy long weekends away or deeper retreats in gastronomy, culture, and the arts.

With 2-bed homes as the standard, this Collection appeals to smaller families, couples or single owners who want Europe at their fingertips.

Price: 345,000 € for 5 properties with 2 bedrooms | 21 homeowners

Signature Collection

Signature Collection homes are meticulously designed and renovated in the most desirable Europe vacation destinations. These homes are perfect for those who value convenience and proximity in charming and authentic residences. Indulge in the beauty of Mallorca’s turquoise waters, conquer the majestic slopes of the French Alps, immerse yourself in the charm of Tuscany’s rolling hills, take in the English countryside air or bask in the Mediterranean splendor of the South of France.

The homes are spacious, comfortable, and perfect for families, or groups of friends as a setting to create lasting memories.

Price: 435,000 € for 5 homes with 3-4 bedrooms | 21 homeowners

Premium Collection

Premium Collection homes redefine luxury living. While the destinations are similar to the Signature Collection, Premium homes offer a different level of experience – and not just in terms of more space. Premium owners enjoy grander views, more secluded locations, and entertaining for more guests. The homes also feature unique spaces such as gyms, saunas, and multiple areas for dining, entertaining and cooking.

Comfortably accommodating up to ten guests, this collection of exquisite homes is for discerning travelers who prefer ample space for relaxation.

Price: 700,000 € for 5 homes with 4-5 bedrooms | 21 homeowners

Prime Collection

The epitome of elegance and sophistication, the Prime Collection encapsulates four exquisite homes in the most sought-after locales, delivered with an elevated service standard. Expect incredible vistas, expansive grounds and swimming pools, accommodation for 10+ people, cinema rooms, gyms, and high-tech modern living spaces with an authentic yet modern feel.

With stunning, large homes located in the French Riviera, the French Alps, Tuscany, and Mallorca, the Prime Collection is for those who love to indulge and appreciate the finer things in life.

Price: 1,480,000 € for 4 homes with 5+ bedrooms | 16 homeowners

The August Way: Locate, Buy, Refurbish, Manage

Experts at locating, buying, renovating, and managing properties all around Europe, August provides a consistently high standard of quality across all collections and properties.

Locate: When they begin the property selection, August experts make sure that all homes are welcoming, family friendly, and full of potential. Destinations are chosen for year-round appeal and effortless accessibility – all within easy reach of international airports and transport links. With extensive knowledge of the European market, August takes the worry and effort out of finding a vacation home in just the right place.

Buy: From years of building up a vast network of relationships and connections in its chosen destinations, August has the advantage of getting exclusive previews of its partners’ most desirable properties. This gives August a unique advantage to finding the regions’ best hidden gems.

Renovate: When it comes to interior design, you can rest assured that the home will look magazine-worthy. The founders of August also started the online UK interior design platform, RioLondon, which has an expert interior design team with vast experience. Together with its partners, August makes sure every home feels comfortable, authentic, and elegant, with all the modern conveniences a homeowner could need. The focus is on functional, stylish interiors that take inspiration from the surroundings, using local materials, decor, and color schemes.

Manage: For each stay, homes are meticulously prepared to the highest standards, gardens are impeccably maintained, and pools are kept pristine. In addition to all legal paperwork and everyday maintenance, all general housekeeping is also taken care of before arrival. As an extra convenience, homeowners can even request a fully stocked fridge awaiting them upon opening the door.

Have we piqued your interest? Contact the August Advisory team to find your perfect collection and enquire about the latest opportunities to join the August community.

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