Chic & Creative Present Wrapping

by ally redmond

Our favorite kind of gift wrapping is pretty, interesting, eco-friendly and begs to be opened. For our November/December 21 issue, photographer, stylist and MFCH Magazine contributor Eve Cardi conceived five brilliantly beautiful ways to package your presents this holiday season.



As fun to create as they are to open, these methods sure to delight all involved. Here, we’re treating you to three of them… That’s a wrap!



A traditional Japanese square cloth used to wrap or transport objects, furoshiki is an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper. Fold the square into a triangle, placing the gift at the angle and rolling it to the opposite edge. Tie the remaining fabric in a knot and slip a decorative item (pine cone, bell, dried flower) into the knot.

Green Foliage


Go for an au naturel look by decorating your parcels with winter greenery like pine, holly, ivy or viburnum. Slot a few leaves into some natural-colored string and juxtapose with eye-catching, gold wrapping paper.



Sliding a single feather (size, color and shape are up to you) into ribbon or string is wonderfully elegant. Sheet music is another pretty wrapping paper alternative to store-bought and can be dyed using the same method as old newspapers and books.

Photography, Concept & Styling © Eve Cardi

For all of Eve’s creative gift wrapping ideas, get your copy of our Nov/Dec 21 issue!

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