Recipe: Galette des Rois

by ally redmond
galette des rois with crown

What better way to ring in a new year than with a celebratory treat? Do as the French do, and celebrate with a traditional galette des rois, or “cake of kings.” This delicious almond pastry – served on the 6th of January – dates back to the 14th century, when it was first created to lure kings to the Epiphany, a Christian festival honoring the three wise men’s first visit to the baby Jesus.

Baked inside this frangipane-filled treat is traditionally a fève, or “bean.” The tart is divided into one slice per present guest plus one extra. As is tradition, whoever receives the fève in their slice is crowned king or queen for the day and may also pick their ruling partner.

Source a galette des rois from your local French bakery, or try your hand at making your own with this delicious recipe from MFCH’s own Editor-in-Chief, Sharon Santoni.


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