Recipe: Celeriac Velouté with Truffle Butter Brioches

by olivia hoffman

With family and friends coming in for the holidays, many of us are thinking of ways to make the holiday meals extra memorable. From aperitif bites to unique desserts – there are plenty of opportunities to get the crowd excited to eat from start to finish.

The recipes in our November/December issue offer classic French options to fill the whole holiday menu. To see the full collection of recipes, it’s not too late to subscribe to the magazine – whether you order a print or digital copy, you will instantly have access to the digital version after purchase.


To get a taste of what is on the MFCH Christmas menu, we’re offering one course here for your enjoyment! This starter soup made with celery root and leeks provides a woody, pungent flavor to light up the taste buds at the onset of the meal. Pairing it with a side of decadent truffle butter spread over soft brioche gives it the ultimate indulgence. If you have the magazine, see pages 96 to 101 for the full holiday menu.

Recipe by Trish Deseine & photo by Sarah Crosetti

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