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by ally redmond
letol scarves

Ah, fall – or l’automne, as they say here in France. Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer, but it’s undeniable that there is a very special feeling when the leaves begin to turn and that first, ever-so-slight chill in the air hands in the air.


‘Tis the saison (season) for crackling fires, mugs of warm beverages, scarves, blankets, baked goods and time spent cozying up indoors, at home. We adore fall and are always happy to stock our MFCH Boutique with some autumn-appropriate French items to help you gear up for the coziest season.

We’ve rounded up just a few for you below!

Lavender Oil

lavender oil

Is there anything better than cozying up inside when the weather turns cold? Not only is lavender one of the best smells imaginable, but it has also been proven to have a relaxing effect. This handy roll-on lavender oil is the perfect size to tuck away and take out when you need a moment of calm. We love dabbing a bit on our wrists or rubbing into our temples, especially when winding down in the evenings.

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Madeleine Kit by Marlette

madeleine mix

What feels more fall than the smell and taste of warm baked goods? This organic, prepared mix by the Parisian café institution Marlette is all set and ready to go for making Madeleines: traditional French almond cakes. Simply pour the dough into molds and bake (for our gourmands – try adding a square of salted butter caramel to the center of each!).

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Wicker Basket

basket of eggs

There’s something about natural decor, most definitely including wicker, that feels supremely like fall. Lovingly handmade in Provence, this petite wicker basket is perfect for displaying (and collecting!) eggs or keeping fruits and vegetables easy on hand in the kitchen.

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Olive Wood Serving Spoon

olive spoon

In that same natural decor trend for fall… this beautiful artisanal serving spoon, made from organic olive wood, is made by the famous French company Bérard, which has been crafting coveted tableware since 1892. The perfect, authentic way to serve olives at your next apéro!

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Degrenne Bahia Board

cutting board

Serve your favorite cheese or charcuterie with this luxurious ceramic board by Degrenne, one of the oldest and most celebrated kitchenware brands in France. Super chic and crafted in a dual texture, striking two-tone blue design, it’ll be the talk of all your fall soirées!

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French Bread Basket

bread basket

Keep your stylish entertaining going strong, and serve your bread and other pastries the French way with this natural palm leaf basket with 100% cotton lining (for easy washing!).

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Steel Candlesticks

candlestick holders

Juxtapose all your earthy, natural decor with these hand-crafted, dark steel candlesticks. A manageable size but still tall and sturdy enough to make a statement and cast a cozy glow over any dinner table or sideboard!

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A Classic Beret


Everyone needs a hat for fall – why not go the most stylish route? This fashion-forward version from Le Béret Français is made in France from 100% wool and will give any outfit that quintessentially French feel. We guarantee you’ll stand out from the rest of the bobble beanies!

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Copper Cannelé Molds

cannelle mold

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of biting into a cannelé – the small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla, with a soft custard center and dark, thick caramelized crust – you’ll agree it should be enjoyed year-round; however, with flavors like that, kit tastes like the most decadent fall treat. This lovely set of copper molds, handmade by Atelier du Cuivre, is also chic to display – when not in use, you can even put tea lights inside!

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Honey & Lavender Candle


For a made-in-France candle that is sure to smell delicious, look no further than Bastide. Made with the delightful scents of honey and lavender in the sunny hills of Provence, this flickering amber candle will cast a warm and cozy fall glow over any room. And, as with our aforementioned lavender oil, will help you relax!

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Alpaca Socks

alpaca socks

At the end of the day, what better way to feel warm and cozy than slipping into a brand-new pair of luxuriously soft socks? Bleu Forêt is a traditional French brand from eastern France that makes socks out of alpaca wool, one of the world’s most sought-after threads.

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Petrusse Scarf

letol scarves

One item you will find on every French person’s neck – man or woman – as soon as the temperatures dip is a scarf, likely loosely tied. This beautiful, 100% wool scarf by designer Petrusse is divinely lightweight and designed to keep you warm and looking elegant!

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Létol Scarf

letol scarves

Curated selection. Létol scarves are created by intricate weaving rather than printing, and we love the quality and design! Get the French look by tying this scarf around the neck, or elegantly draped over the shoulders.

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