Inside the Jul/Aug 22 Issue

by sharon santoni
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Welcome to the newest edition of My French Country Home Magazine July/August 2022! In France, the summer is well underway, and we can’t wait to share this festive issue with you.

We’re celebrating with a magical dinner – complete with a floral tablescape and décor – inside a greenhouse at none other than the Domaine de Primard (the former country home of beloved French actress Catherine Deneuve), a seasonal dive into Provence’s most-loved traditional recipes (plus a rainbow of gazpacho ideas) and a deep dive into a top-to-tail renovation of an authentic mas. Plus, a full guide to discovering the seaside town of Porto-Vecchio on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, also known as the “Île de Beauté” (“Island of Beauty”) – one of the French’s best-kept secrets… and so much more.

Here, take a peek at just a few of our features, and click below to flip through a full preview — vive les vacances !

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A Château Kitchen Garden

Tucked into the Normandy coastline, nestled within its own forest, Château de Miromesnil is the definiton of “hard to reach.” But the magnificent wall potager (“vegetable garden”) that lies within this historic, 17th-century property is well-worth the trip… take a detailed peek inside in this issue!

Summer Bliss in Corsica

Bursting with untamed natural beauty, Porto-Vecchio – a charming, seaside town on the island of Corsica – has everything you need for a memorable tip to the heart of the Mediterranean. The French have long known the splendor of this mountainous “mini continent” set in the sparkling sea (which has been described by prolific novelist Honoré de Balzac as “a French island basking in the Italian sun”), but to the rest of the world, Corsica has remained a largely well-kept secret. With this issue’s “Discovering Guide” – this special destination won’t be a secret to you!

A Rainbow of Gazpachos

Discover an array of fun gazpacho recipes from chef and regular MFCH Magazine contributor Eve Cari – one of the most delicious (and beautiful) ways to cool down this season! Colorful, delicious and fool-proof, these chilled soups are among summer’s best dishes. The ideal appetizer for an alfresco dinner party or family lunch, it’s a taste of the rainbow, guaranteed! Our Jul/Aug 22 edition also features a handful of traditional Provençal recipes, to inject some southern French sunshine, wherever you are.

Not Your Average City Dwelling…

In the heart of Paris’ 9th arrondissement, architect Marie Deroudilhe transformed a private 18th-century mansion into an elegant and ethereal space that you just do not typically find within a bustling city. We’re excited to offer you a rare tour!

 We hope you are excited as we are about our July/August 2022 issue!




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