Domaine de Primard

by ally redmond
french chateau

A journey, a home, a retreat, a refuge – more than a destination, Primard is a world in itself.

map of chateau

So goes the motto of Domaine de Primard, a breathtaking 18th-century luxury château turned 5-star hotel opening this June in the outskirts of Paris. The estate, which used to belong to the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve, spans 173 acres in the Eure Valley and features 30 rooms and 9 suites, romantic landscaped gardens designed by Belgian architect Jacques Wirtz, a park with hundred-year-old trees bordered by canals, an arboretum, an orchard, a farm and much more.

rose garden and water

The property’s three restaurants – Eglantine, Octave and “La cuisine du château”– are headed by three-Michelin-starred chef Eric Frechon. Gastronomy here is a true farm-to-table experience, with the majority of the fruits and vegetables used in the gourmet dishes come from the Domaine’s organic potager (vegetable garden). The Domaine also offers spa services (including a hammam) and a plethora of rich experiences.

interior of chateau

Domaine de Primard is the latest venture of Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher of the renowned hospitality group, Les Domaines de Fontenille.

rendering of chateau

This unique and grand destination will open to guests this June.

creek and stone wall

Photos © Domaine de Primard

Domaine de Primard

Route départmentale 16

28260 Guainville, France

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