Inside the Jan/Feb 23 Issue

by olivia hoffman

Our first edition of My French Country Home Magazine 2023 – our January/February issue – is here!

Welcome 2023! This is our fifth year of proudly publishing the MFCH magazine, and we are so grateful to have you with us – we couldn’t have gotten here without you, our loyal readers and subscribers. 

At MFCH we are fortunate to work with many talented photographers, and for this first issue, we are thrilled to kick off this new year with an astonishing portfolio shot by photographer Michel Joly that reveals the beauty of French vineyards in the frost. We also share two gorgeous gardens with you, shot in breathtaking detail by Eric Sander and Franck Schmitt.

Inside, we invite you into homes in Chantilly and Provence, where French interior designers have remodeled homes of all sizes: from an abandoned caretaker’s cottage to a home carved into the rocks!

Our “Discovering Guide” takes us to the Perche region of Normandy, where the profusion of charming stone villages, detour-worthy restaurants and remarkable gardens have attracted many artists and creators. Our “Artisans of France” highlight is Maison Pichon — one of France’s oldest and most sought-after names in ceramics.

On the table, we are still looking for comfort food at this time of the year, so we share Louise Pickford’s method of making fondue and raclette, as well as recipes for homemade brioche and croissants.

We hope you love this first issue of 2023, and we look forward to accompanying you through the year ahead. Below, take a peek at just a few of our features, and click below to flip through a full preview…


Fire and Ice

Due to changing weather patterns, spring frosts are starting to appear later and last longer than ever before, threatening the destruction of the tender vine shoots. Photographer Michel Joly magnificently captures winegrowers’ attempts to mitigate the risks to crops from frost in our “Portfolio” piece.

Home at Last

A travel-obsessed family has finally settled on a home base on the heights of Aix-en-Provence. In a beautifully redesigned ancient farmhouse, take a tour around this dream home in the South of France overlooking fields of olive trees.

Relaxing in the Perche


Bucolic countryside and slow living is just a short ride from Paris, in the beautiful region of Le Perche (a part of Normandy) renowned for its rich forests, rolling hills and fertile land, and dotted with charming stone villages. Our “Discovering Guide” explores one of the favorite weekend spots of urbanites in search of fresh air and good food. 

Molten Delight


Is there anything better than rich, gooey melted cheese to warm you up on a winter’s day? Flip through our favorite recipes from Louise Pickford’s latest cookbook for fondue… the ultimate decadent comfort food.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get our January/February 2023 issue – in print or digital!




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