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by ally redmond
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Refined and timeless, enter the mesmerizing world of Alix D. Reynis, who we spotlight for our March/April 2022 issue‘s “Artisans of France” feature.


There are some artisans that hone a particular skill or craft and others that are more polyvalent, spreading their expertise over a range of disciplines. Alix D. Reynis is one of the latter. Ambitious, creative and patient, this self-taught craftsman is a staunch defender of savoir-faire and has been a key player in Paris’ artisanal revival. 

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From ceramics to candles to jewelry, Alix’s focus is on sustainable luxury. A row of irregular pearls, tiny air bubbles on a glazed dish… everything in her multifaceted collection is unique. Her inspiration takes myriad forms, from the clean lines of Ancient Greek architecture to intricate eastern patterns to elaborate Baroque details. 

Alix worked as a notary before deciding to pursue her passion for sculpture. She enrolled in a sculpting course, studying on the side for five years — simultaneously juggling her legal career — before launching her eponymous ceramics collection in 2011. Since then, there has been no stopping her creative prowess.

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The brand’s ceramics are crafted in Limoges porcelain — a delicate material that brings about an imperfect perfection that Alix loves. She is a modeler, creating the moules mère (mother molds) that serve as a blueprint for each piece. These master molds are then sent to a family-owned business in Limoges, where her pieces are brought to life using traditional methods and stamped with the signature “Limoges France.” 

Thin but resistant enough for everyday use, the bright ivory porcelain has a translucency to it that creates a wonderful warmth. Some pieces can also be customized with fine gold leaf — true gifts to treasure. Her line of scented candles (made in Grasse) are set in patterned holders that can be reused as elegant pen or brush pots. 

In 2020, Alix expanded her offerings to include jewelry: a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from gold and vermeil. Meticulously carved and encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones, each is a wearable work of art.

Exquisite cabinets made from wood and glass, midnight blue floor-to-ceiling dressers, original fireplaces… Step foot into an Alix D. Reynis store, and you will be entirely submerged in her universe. She opened her first boutique in Paris’ trendy Marais neighborhood in 2016, then followed up with another in Saint-Germain before heading north to the historic Vieux-Lille in 2020 — a nod to her Flemish origins. As of 2021, her handmade wares can even be found in the capital’s prestigious Bon Marché department store.

Alix continues to bolster the impressive nouvelle vague of French artisans in collaborating with several other homegrown brands, such as Marin Montagut, Sézane and Antoinette Poisson. Her most recent partnership with popular chef Mimi Thorisson takes Alix a step further into the world of entertaining; together, the duo designed a line of beautiful dinnerware inspired by their love of 18th and 19th-century neoclassicism. With Mimi’s penchant for cooking and tablescapes and Alix’s talent for blending sculpture with nostalgia, it is undeniable that the two are well paired. 

With her vision of the modern artisan, Alix creates a special cocktail — one that fuses design, history and heritage techniques. An expert mixologist!


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Note: MFCH Magazine subscribers are offered an EXCLUSIVE price on this collection, which includes a porcelain shell box with natural balm, a porcelain soap dish with the brand’s distinguished ginger soap, a notebook and the option to add a beautiful gold pendant necklace (find the code inside our Mar/Apr 22 issue!).


This article was originally published in the Mar/Apr 2022 edition of My French Country Home.
Photography © Alix D. Reynis


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