Curating Provence Photography – Showcasing the South of France

by olivia hoffman
Photo by @sharonsantoni

In the picturesque region of southeastern France, where the azure Mediterranean meets quaint villages and rolling vineyards, a man with a passion for photography is capturing the imagination of wanderlust travelers and admirers of natural beauty. Fabien Laurent Patrice Egot, “a French connoisseur of the lens,” as he likes to describe himself, is on a mission to curate a collection of the finest Provence photography that showcases the vibrancy of this enchanting corner of the world.


Fabien, a native of Aix-en-Provence, has always been intrigued by the stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and timeless charm of the region. This deep-rooted love for his homeland inspired him to embark on a mission: to shine a spotlight on the talented photographers who capture its magic with passion and artistic flair – via curated Instagram pages and informational websites

How the Photos are Selected

Every morning, as the sun gently illuminates the cobblestone streets and golden vineyards, Fabien embarks on a virtual journey through the lens of his fellow artists. Armed with a discerning eye and a passion for storytelling, he scours social media platforms, online galleries, and photography feeds in search of hidden gems that encapsulate the soul of southeast France.

From the sun-kissed beaches of the French Riviera to the rugged cliffs of the Calanques National Park, Fabien seeks out images that evoke a sense of wonder and wanderlust and reposts them onto one of his two popular Instagram accounts: @frenchprovenceguide and @frenchrivieraguide. Whether it’s a breathtaking sunset over the lavender fields of Provence or the bustling markets of Nice bursting with color and character, each photograph in his feed encapsulates the region’s allure and celebrates its beauty.

Supporting French Photographers

But what we appreciate the most is that the Instagram accounts’ mission goes beyond mere admiration; it’s about empowerment and recognition. With each curated selection of photos, Fabien aims to amplify the voices of local photographers, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent to the world. Through his online accounts, aspiring artists find validation, encouragement, and opportunities for exposure that can propel their careers to new heights and reach a new audience.

Encouraging Tourism to the Region

Moreover, Fabien’s efforts serve a dual purpose by promoting the region’s touristic appeal. By showcasing its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant lifestyle through the lens of talented photographers, he offers a glimpse into the experiences that await visitors to southeastern France, a compelling invitation for travelers to explore and discover the magic of the region for themselves.

In a world inundated with digital noise and fleeting distractions, Fabien’s French Provence Guide and French Riviera Guide provide a reprise of authenticity and appreciation for the art of photography. Through the page’s daily curation efforts, the account not only celebrates the beauty of southeastern France but also cultivates a sense of community among its artists and admirers. Every frame tells a story, and every story adds to the enduring charm of this captivating corner of the world.

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