Where & When to See Cherry Blossoms in Paris

by sharon santoni

Admiring the cherry blossoms in Paris is a classic springtime outing, but do you know the best places to see them? Read on to learn where to find the finest cherry trees in the French capital, and when to see them.


Parc du Domaine des Sceaux

@nathalie_wanders via @leparcdusceaux

Every year in early April, locals gather in these beautiful château grounds to celebrate hanami. Literally translating to “flower viewing,” this Japanese festival honors the seasonal arrival of the sakura. At Sceaux, the event incorporates the music and food of both western and eastern cultures, but the main attraction stays true to tradition: the incredible sight of the park’s 250 cherry trees in full bloom.

8 Avenue Claude Perrault, 92330 Sceaux

Square René-Viviani


In the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral, this little square offers a striking sight in April: a snow-white cherry tree on top of a pink building! Extend your walk down onto the River Seine and the Promenade Maurice Carême for more floral beauty.

25 quai de Montebello, 75005

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Petit Palais Museum

via A Parisian Moment

Snugly tucked away in the Petit Palais is a discreet courtyard and café, an ideal setting from which to admire the delicate sakura flowers. These small trees usually flower ahead of the competition, around mid-March, making them your first port of call for seeing cherry blossoms in Paris.

Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008

Jardins du Trocadéro & the Eiffel Tower

via @nath_paris

The tall and metallic Eiffel Tower has an improbable entourage. A cluster of cherry trees is gathered around its legs, providing a wonderful trim for the iconic tower when they burgeon in April. The two combined make this a popular spot, so go early on in the day for more relaxed viewing.

Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016

Square Gabriel Pierné

via @herve_in_paris

This square in the 6th arrondissement may not be vast, but the cherry blossom that signals spring most certainly is. Colored beige for most of the year, the park comes to life when its fruit trees flower in April, creating a bucolic enclave in the heart of Paris.

5 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

Jardin des Plantes

via A Parisian Moment

The spectacular cherry blossoms in Paris’s Jardin des Plantes may well be the city’s most famous. It is hard to miss the largest tree, its branches draping to the ground under the weight of its flowers. It can be admired in the carré des perspectives, and flowers between the end of March and early April. There are many other cherry trees scattered throughout the park, but none rival the age and beauty of this one.

57 rue Cuvier, 75005

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