At Home with Designer Jacqueline Morabito

by sharon santoni
a white stone building with a tree hanging over it

Jacqueline Morabito is a French designer whose talents range from architecture and interior design objects to fine jewelry. Chiefly known for her utilitarian, all-white aesthetic, she has been a source of inspiration for many of the country’s aspiring interior designers. We traveled to Saint-Paul-de-Vence, along the Côte d’Azur, to visit Jacqueline’s home, atelier and concept shop located in the nearby village of La Colle-sur-Loup.


Jacqueline grew up not far, in nearby Nice and other parts of Southern France. While she could have left the South and headed for Paris — where she most certainly would have made a bigger name for herself —, instead she chose to stay in Provence and began to create her own version of French living: respecting age-old traditions, in pure and contemporary environments.

the village of saint paul de vence, inside a shop owned by designer jacqueline morabito, one of her works

Jacqueline Morabito‘s atelier is found in La Colle-sur-Loup, a traditional Provençal town that sits near the coast and the region’s cities. Here is where she keeps her larger pieces of furniture such as marble and oak tables, and chairs.

Across the street is her small boutique. A treasure trove of beauty and design, something that the unknowing passerby would be surprised to discover behind the old fashioned façade. Here she showcases smaller items; her jewelry collection, candles and other items for the home. She also has her own minimalist-style food range, named La Petite Épicerie.

via @jacquelinemorabito

Her home is concealed in a universe of its own, found at the end of a long stone path that is perfectly trimmed boxwood topiaries.

With views onto Saint-Paul-de-Vence and the Mediterranean sea in the distance, the property is surrounded by century-old olive trees and traditional restanques (low stone walls typical of the region) that create beautiful terraces and define the garden’s parameters.

At Home with Jacqueline Morabito

Jacqueline designed and built her white cubic home, its stark façade providing the perfect counterbalance to the gentle silver grays of the Provençal landscape all around. It dramatically changes throughout the seasons, green grass and jewel-like blue anemones in the spring and summer’s more parched colors (which Jacquelin prefers) provide a more gentle and subtle setting for her home.

views of the garden, exterior and pool of a Provençal house

Creating Her Signature White Color Scheme

Even the connecting doors between rooms are totally white. In fact are simple slices of wall, cut out and hinged to swing open. An absolutely fascinating effect.

Head indoors and the cubic design is apparent in every room, with an amazing play of light, as the sun comes in and reflects off the white walls. White is the dominant color, a neutral backdrop for the occasional 18th-century textile or furniture.

a neutral living room with sofas and a central table
neutral color scheme in a provencal home

Jacqueline believes in the importance of combining the classical arts and knowledge of Provençal artisans, with modern innovation. Central heating is hidden underground and her kitchen is state of the art, but the curtains are simple linen panels that can be hooked or unhooked as required.

decorative cane bull heads and a drawer of antique cutlery

Upstairs, her bedroom and bathroom are flooded with light, and a gallery-style mezzanine provides a plunging view onto the living space below.

via @jacquelinemorabito

Jacqueline Morabito‘s home is a testament to her vision and passion for design. Creating her own version of paradise in Provence, is proof again that living creatively is both rewarding and fulfilling, and that following your own path can take you somewhere wonderful.

via @jacquelinmorabito
65 Rue Yves Klein, 06480 La Colle-sur-Loup

Photography by Sharon Santoni & courtesy of Jacqueline Morabito’s Instagram

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