An Amazing Château Dollhouse

by ally redmond
chateau dollhouse

There are some impressive dollhouses out there, but have you ever seen a château dollhouse?


Nicolas Guérin, a French architect, also specializes in miniature art. See his extremely unique and impressive, ongoing project below.

chateau dollhouse sketch

A preliminary sketch of Nicholas’ château dollhouse.

making a chateau dollhouse

Each part of the miniature château is meticulously constructed, just as each part of a real one would be!

chateau dollhouse living room

One of the château dollhouse’s living rooms, with incredible detail and a hand for scale.

chateau dollhouse kitchen

A shot of the mini château’s kitchen — with its tiny pots and pans, oven and open ash-covered fireplace — plus a real purple garlic clove for scale!.

interior chateau dollhouse

Another one of the château dollhouse’s impressive rooms featuring real wooden beams, a crest, a portrait, a fireplace, a dressed-up Christmas tree and more.

chateau dollhouse

Still in the works, follow Nicolas’ progress on Instagram at

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