Floral Fanfare: A Valentine’s Day Bouquet

by Alice White Walker

A guaranteed head-turner in any home. A flurry of color, texture and variety makes this a spectacular bouquet for any occasion but even more perfect this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Rejoice in this unexpected blend of timeless lilies, antique roses and brightly-hued kalanchoes.

Read on to find out how to make this Valentine’s Day bouquet!


flowers for bouquet

To make this bouquet, we used:

10 Pink Avalanche roses

3 Mini Eden rose stems

7 pink sweet pea stalks

9 orange sweet pea stalks

3 hyacinths

2 orange kalanchoe stems

2 green hellebores stems

2 white lilac stems

2 white lily stems

5 eucalyptus branches with small leaves

1 green snowball viburnum stems

Block of gardening foam

Vase (approx. 12 cm diameter) 

Pruning shears

Step 1


Remove the leaves and the pistils from the lilies (to prevent them from staining if they fall), and plant them diagonally and asymmetrically (they do not have to be the same size, as the bouquet itself will be asymmetrical).

Step 2


Add the lilac. At this point, you should have a triangle with the lilac the lower of the two lilies.

Step 3


Add the Pink Avalanche roses, keeping them largely at the front. Make sure they are positioned at different heights and opposing directions.

Step 4


Add the Mini Eden roses, following the same placing as the Pink Avalanche roses.

Step 5


Finish off the bouquet with the addition of the sweet peas stalks and the green foliage, adding any other flowers to your liking.

Et voilà!


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day bouquet!

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This article originally appeared in the May/June 2020 issue of My French Country Home Magazine.
Photography & Styling by Elise Dumas

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