Our Favorite Floral Arrangement Classes in Paris

by sharon santoni

Photo © Grégory Brousse

Whether you’re an expert or a novice when it comes to flowers, there is no denying that floral arranging is an exquisite art. Flowers help set the tone and backdrop for any beautiful event, adding color and energy to the space, as well as brighten the spirits of any lucky receiver. But with so many different blooms and potential combinations, it can be hard to know what to choose. 


France is famous for its flower markets and shops, as well as its talented florists eager to assist you in creating your ideal bunch, and Paris in particular –– as one of the major creative capitals of the world –– is no stranger to this art. What could be more special than learning how to arrange your own? 

For a unique, fun and creative activity that will offer you expert, lifelong knowledge to take home, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite floral arranging classes in the capital. 

Catherine Muller Flower School

Possibly the most renowned flower school in Paris, Catherine Muller is located steps away from the Jardin des Tuileries – an appropriate setting to get your inspiration flowing. For anyone looking to develop their creative and technical skills, the school offers programs for all levels of expertise.

The diverse classes range from “Garden-Style” to “Haute Couture” to “Weddings,” and can even find ones that specialize in different aesthetics, such as “Marie-Antoinette,” “Vintage Retro” or “French Riviera.” The courses are all  taught in an intimate setting and with a small group of students, so you can quickly advance your skills to the level of a professional florist.

Catherine Muller Flower School

1 rue des Pyramides

75001 Paris

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Maison Vertumne

Also in the artsy neighborhood of the Louvre, Maison Vertumne offers insightful and poetic classes to make your flower arrangements unforgettable. Each month features a different theme, often inspired by the magnificent women of French history.

Professionals and newcomers interested in floral art flock to take the classes in this bloom-filled studio with founder Clarisse Béraud, where – as you tinker with your creation – you are taught to decide the story your bouquet is going to tell. In the words of Clarisse: “It is our senses and our hands that explore a whole spectrum of plants to create compositions with a pastoral spirit – free, and illusorily tossed into shape…” Let your bouquet of feelings come to life at Maison Vertumne!

Maison Vertumne

12, rue de la Sourdière

75001 Paris


Started by floral designer Akiko, Floraison creates exceptional, high-quality arrangements characterized by understated luxury. Her Japanese roots blossom in her business, which seeks to create perfectly imperfect bouquets. Floraison is known for producing “subtle designs that reflect nature, with an undiscovered beauty that is effortless and refined.”

The shop offers both group courses, one-on-one classes and even destination workshops all year long. If a trip to France is not in the cards this year, you’re still in luck – Floraison also offers pre-recorded professional online courses covering a variety of topics! These demonstrations teach all the necessary techniques and elements to create beautiful, natural arrangements and are even accompanied by e-books for support. Enjoy at your own pace, and get inspired for an in-person experience in the future!


92 Rue la Condamine

75017 Paris

Now that the seeds have been planted, you are armed with the knowledge to book one of the best floral arrangement classes in Paris and start creating bouquets that meet the highest of French standards!

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