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by sharon santoni
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On November 2nd 1755, Marie-Antionette was born. The Austrian princess, destined to become Queen of France, captivated people of her own time and continues to today. An innovator of architecture, landscaping and fashion, she remains one of the most iconic characters in Versailles’ rich history. Read on for 5 ways to celebrate Marie-Antoinette’s birthday!


1. Visit “Marie-Antoinette, Metamorphoses Of An Image” exhibition

The Conciergerie in Paris looks at Marie-Antoinette’s many representations over the centuries with nearly 200 heritage and contemporary pieces gathered, including film extracts and fashion accessories. Archives of her infamous trial and the final letter she wrote before her death are amongst the rare and unseen documents featured.

October 16, 2019 – January 26, 2020
2 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris

“Marie-Antoinette, Metamorphoses Of An Image” exhibition at the Conciergerie in Paris

2. Sample one of her favorite chocolates

Debauve et Gallais, one of Paris’s oldest and most prestigious chocolate shops was launched because of Marie-Antoinette. Why?
Sulpice Debauve was pharmacist to Louis XVI. When the Queen refused to take medicine due to its unpleasant taste Debauve mixed them with cocoa – turning the medicine into small circular drops. The first chocolate squares were born! She loved these chocolate coins so much that they became known as “Pistoles de Marie-Antoinette”. A delicious way to celebrate Marie-Antoinette’s birthday!

Shop them at Debauve et Gallais here.

pistoles de marie-antoinette


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3. Plunge yourself into the Versailles universe

While Versailles is an absolute must-visit when you come to Paris, there’s more than the Hall of Mirrors going on at Versailles. Marie-Antoinette’s birthday was often celebrated with an opera or ballet at the stunning Versailles Opera (below) and you can do the same. Book a ticket for a classical ballet or enjoy Baroque dancers and music in one of the Palace’s evening shows, and dress in traditional clothing at the annual masked costume ball. There are plenty of theatrical ways to unleash your inner Marie-Antoinette!

Read more about Versailles events here

Opera de Versailles © Agathe Poupeney

4. Add some Antoinette chic into the home Astier de Villatte

A French classic and one of our favorite brands, Astier de Villatte produce beautiful porcelain and ceramic tableware and decorative objects. The Antoinette Incense Holder is a chic way to perfume the home – with Astier de Villatte incense, naturally!

Shop Astier de Villatte on noseparis.com

astier de viallette marie antoinette and incense

5. Light a Cire Trudon Marie-Antoinette bust

What better way to celebrate Marie-Antoinette than by lighting a birthday candle?

There are few brands more noble than Cire Trudon. Candlemaker to the “Sun King” Louis XIV of France, himself, Cire Trudon has remained a heritage brand ever since.

We visited the Cire Trudon atelier in the Mar.Apr issue of MFCH magazine, and went behind the scenes to how these magical Antoinette busts are made. Read the full article here.

mfch magazine Cire Trudon © Franck Schmitt

5. Watch Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola

This cult-classic has become one of the most loved films about Marie-Antoinette, with Kirsten Dunst playing the lead. Concentrating on her arrival to court and the long marital tensions between her and her husband King Louis XVI, it is considered Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece. With special permission from the French state, she the first filmmaker to gain such widespread access to film in Versailles itself.

The lavish costumes and extravagant decor are a feast for the eyes! Marie-Antoinette’s birthday scene is undoubtedly a party to end all parties. . .

a shot of film 'marie-antoinette' by sofia coppola



Which is your favorite way to celebrate Marie-Antoinette’s birthday? Let us know in the comments below!

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