Our Favorite Fall Walks

by sharon santoni
fall leaves on the fall in luxembourg gardens

A walk is never just a walk. A chance to still the mind or mull over a decision, and drink in the surrounding nature. Walks are good for more than just stretching the legs. And in fall, they’re even better.

Here are Team MFCH’s favorite fall walks…

Sharon – MFCH founder

My favorite walk and the one I do the most often is up the path behind our house.  It leads past the horse fields and directly into the forest.  It’s quite a climb to begin with but as we pause to catch our breath we are rewarded with beautiful views across the valley.

Because the path leads into the forest, we have that tree line just ahead of us, and of course it is never the same from one week to the next.  From bare trees in the winter, to the first tinges of green on the spring branches, then heavy undulating green in the summer and spectacular color in the fall. I honestly never tire of this walk, and neither do the dogs.  Each day is a new adventure.

sharon santoni's favorite walk


Alice – MFCH co-editor

Jardin du Palais-Royal is one of my favorite fall walks, for many reasons. I think I found it by chance, like the beginning of most happy rendez-vous in Paris. You can walk around it either through the famous lines of trees which shade benches of kissing couples, or around the cool passageways of the surrounding building. Then towards Avenue de l’Opéra there’s the famous monochrome pillars and usually some temporary art installation.

There are rose gardens at either end and a giant fountain in the middle. A takeout lunch, some sunshine, people-watching and I’m as happy as a clam. And moreover, the parc itself looks good at any time of year, even in the coldest winter when the trees are bare and fountains dry. Simply, there’s a calm to it that I’ve not found it many other Paris gardens.

a view of jardin du palais royal in Paris


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Emily – My Stylish French Box

I love finding the best places to photograph autumn leaves in Paris – the kind that drape over the walls and doorways and create such pretty façades! Over the years I’ve managed to pinpoint my favorite corners where the leaves turn a flaming scarlet, and I love checking back every week or so until they’re at peak brightness.

Whether it’s in my own neighborhood of the Marais, up in Montmartre (particularly around the time of the Fête des Vendanges, Paris’s biggest wine harvest festival), or just a random side street in Saint-Germain-des-Près, I find my usual walks take on a bit more excitement in fall, when I find a new spot with particularly beautiful colors to photograph.

Saint-Germain-des-Pres- our favorite autumn walks- MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME MAGAZINE

Molly – MFCH Tours

I moved to Versailles this February and I’ve really enjoyed exploring the town. My favorite walks though have to be through the Versailles Chateau gardens, even better when the music is playing!

Now with the leaves starting to change, I can’t wait to see it in the new season! Psst– the garden is free just about every day, except for the weekend!

garden of Versailles palace

Ally – Public Relations

This might be biased given I’m fortunate enough to live next to them, but I’m in love with the Luxembourg Gardens. They’re beyond gorgeous – the treelined promenades, the flowerbeds, the statues, the palace. In addition to the obvious beauty, there’s also this calming atmosphere. People are picnicking and drinking wine, children are sailing model boats, everyone’s just relaxing – reading, kissing, lazing in the sun. It’s the perfect place to go when I want to be alone to think, but also to gather with friends.

What’s really special is if you catch an impromptu musical performance in the gazebo during a sunset stroll. I walk through almost every morning and evening, and it’ll forever be my go-to stroll.

a stroll through luxembourg gardens


We’d love to know where your favorite fall walks are? Let us know in the comments below!

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