Best of France’s Festival International des Jardins

by ally redmond
french garden

The world-renowned Festival International des Jardins is back and running April 21st through November 6th, 2022 at the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, a unique and prestigious site in the gardening world.

The impressive estate in the Central-Val de Loire region of France – known for its wealth of awe-inspiring châteaux – has hosted the celebrated festival since 1992, becoming a creative space and international reference for contemporary garden and landscape design around the world. This year will mark the festival’s 30th edition of wondrous botanical creations inspired by different historical, poetic, educational and ecological themes.

The Festival International des Jardins celebrates our relationship with nature and is founded on the notion that gardens are essential to our well-being, offering nourishing, therapeutic, artistic, organic, restorative, comforting and spiritual benefits… to name just a few. The year’s edition challenges eager participants to consider all these wonderful qualities and bring them together, proposing a project that highlights and melds the virtues to create an “ideal garden.”


In honor of the festival’s three decades of beautiful works, we’re taking a look back with some photographs from our beloved MFCH contributor, Eric Sander. Check them out below!

french garden sculpture
red flowres
french garden sculpture
french garden labirynth
red sculpture in lake
french garden sculpture

All photography © Eric Sander

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