Best Floral Fragrances for Spring

by sharon santoni
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Known for being master parfumeurs, having a signature scent is essentially a requirement of being French – and fragrance is not to be reserved for only special occasions, rather to elegantly indulgence in each morning to enjoy throughout the day. From impossibly chic bottle designs to iconic concoctions that have stood the test of time, French brands have been creating coveted senteurs (scents) for centuries. 


Sophisticated, seductive, mysterious… there are plenty of classic French perfumes to choose from. But, for the moment, we’re celebrating the beauty of spring and return of warm weather with the most sought-after floral fragrances on the market right now. Below, have a look at our round-up of floral odeurs to spritz yourself with all season!

Bien Aimée

perfume bottle

220 €

Nettare Di Sole

perfume bottle

From 78 €

Fleur de Peau

perfume bottle

140 €

Atelier des Fleurs Néroli

perfume bottle

198 €

Gabrielle Chanel

perfume bottle

From 74 €

Santal Royal

perfume bottle

From 107 €

 L’Air du Temps (Limited Edition)

perfume bottle

64,40 €

Nina Ricci on


perfume bottle

147 €

Féminin Pluriel

perfume bottle

From 95 €

Maison Francis Kurkdjian on

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