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by sharon santoni
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Photos © Christophe Roué

Cook Héloïse Brion — founder of hit food blog and art of living site “Miss Maggie’s Kitchen” (fondly named after the old hunting lodge in Normandy, where she lives with her family) — knows a thing or two about entertaining (MFCH Magazine readers may remember our feature on her and her beautiful home in the March/April 2021 issue).


Between her successful cookbook and well-attended online cooking classes, Héloïse has created a veritable culinary universe inspired by a childhood split between France and the US, sharing moments with loved ones over special meals on both sides of the ocean.

She recently expanded her brand to include parsley by MMK — a lifestyle essentials line. Offering categories from kitchenware to fashion to home décor, each item is hand-picked or carefully designed by Héloïse herself to enhance the pleasures of hosting. Think patchwork aprons and tablecloths, fun notebooks, tableware, embroidered hand-woven towels, colorful totes of all sizes, versatile and beautiful blouses and dresses that can be worn in every season, and unique vintage finds… Plus, every piece is limited-edition, including those born from collaborations with select designers and brands.

For our March/April 2022 issue, we were lucky enough to have Héloïse to create a dinner party recipe plan styled with pieces from the new parsley by MMK collection, exclusively for MFCH! Have a look below.

Get your Mar/Apr 22 issue for Héloïse’s delightful recipes that will have your guests begging for more!

The “parsley by MMK” collection is available on

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