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by sharon santoni

Refined, simple, elegant. Like its name, our latest Artisans of France — Epure — is the essence of authentic creativity. Epure has been developing its beautiful range of hand-sculpted, painted porcelain and stoneware since 2011. We met with Justine, the founder, and her husband, Jean, at their atelier-home in the Charente-Maritime region of southwest France.


Fortuitously, Justine came upon her talent and career by chance. She signed up for porcelain painting classes as a form of relaxation while studying for her Anthropology degree; it was a creative boost after so much time spent with books and computers. She felt an immediate symbiosis with the material and was compelled to pursue it further. After contacting a ceramicist from Limoges (a region of world-renowned porcelain), Justine felt encouraged to further her learnings with classes at an atelier in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. She eventually made the decision to leave her formal studies in favor of continuing the new creative path that she found herself on. In 2011, Justine opened her own ceramic studio, and Epure was born.

inside a home with whitewashed walls

The duo’s atelier-home in Bordeaux

Since then, the company has developed into a true family business, with Jean joining the adventure in 2014. With an existing career in contemporary fine art, he was able to enrich the brand with an aesthetic vision that perfectly complemented Justine’s designs. 

The couple installed an atelier within their home — an old Charentaise farmhouse — to create an artistic nucleus and to facilitate their working processes. The building was completely renovated in a pale stone that reflects a similar tone to Epure’s creations. Western-facing, the building allows them the generous light they require for their work. 

“We’re lucky to live in such a serene setting,” says Justine.

porcelain being poured into a cast

Jean at work in the Epure atelier

The studio is a true creative haven, with each area conceived around the production process: the atelier itself, a glazing and firing room, an upstairs office and a room for raw material.

Justine continues to produce pieces that reflect both strength and fragility. Whether made with pure, white porcelain or sandy-hued stoneware, each work is deceptively simple yet detailed with exquisite, subtle design. As an artist, she continues to push herself to her limits, without being swayed by outside influences or current trends. Their home also provides her ample inspiration to think, create and produce in a beautiful space. 

Read on to discover our exclusive offer with Epure, our latest Artisans of France.

We are giving you the offer to purchase unique pieces from Epure’s “Simple” collection: a shallow bowl, a drinking cup and a saucer — all in white porcelain with gold leaf detail. Three combinations are available, all of which are handmade in the Epure atelier near Bordeaux. 

a bowl, cup and saucer, hand made french ceramics

Collection N°1

Bowl, cup & saucer – US $99.00

Collection N°2

Cup & saucer – US $75.00

Collection N°3

Bowl & cup – US $85.00

Bowl measures 16 cm (6.5”) high, 4.5 cm (1.9”) diameter
Cup measures 7 cm (2.8”) high, 11 cm (4.2”) diameter

Saucer measures 10 cm (4”) diameter

MFCH magazine subscribers can get this offer at a special price. Turn to page 59 of the July/August issue, or subscribe here.

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