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by olivia hoffman

Wrapping up our 5th wonderful year of publishing the magazine, come along with us to discover some of our absolute favorite highlights from each of the six issues from 2023. With every edition, the editorial team behind My French Country Home is sincerely delighted to share our findings through our extensively researched articles and meticulously curated photos from our extremely talented photographers. The assembly of all 130 pages is a sincere labor of love that we are so passionate about and very proud of.

If you haven’t already subscribed to our beautiful, coffee table-worthy magazine, perhaps consider it for the new year if you are in search of some exquisite inspiration. The fascinating behind-the-scenes stories accompanied by stunning photography takes readers on a unique journey that reveals the wondrous charm of all things French. While it may not be the same as a plane ticket, we can guarantee that you will feel transported to France – at least for a moment – with the turn of each page.


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January/February 2023 Issue

Our first edition of My French Country Home in 2023 kicked off this new year with an astonishing portfolio shot by photographer Michel Joly that reveals the beauty of French vineyards in the frost. We also shared two gorgeous gardens, shot in breathtaking detail, by Eric Sander and Franck Schmitt and invited you into homes in Chantilly and Provence, where French interior designers have remodeled homes of all sizes. Our Discovery Guide took us through the charming stone villages of the Perche region of Normandy, and we cooked up decadent recipes for winter fondue!


Fire and Ice

Due to changing weather patterns, spring frosts are starting to appear later and last longer than ever before, threatening the destruction of the tender vine shoots. Photographer Michel Joly magnificently captures winegrowers’ attempts to mitigate the risks to crops from frost in our “Portfolio” piece.

Home at Last

A travel-obsessed family has finally settled on a home base on the heights of Aix-en-Provence. In a beautifully redesigned ancient farmhouse, we took a tour around this dream home in the South of France overlooking fields of olive trees.

Relaxing in the Perche


Bucolic countryside and slow living is just a short ride from Paris, in the beautiful region of Le Perche (a part of Normandy) renowned for its rich forests, rolling hills and fertile land, and dotted with charming stone villages. Our “Discovering Guide” explored one of the favorite weekend spots of urbanites in search of fresh air and good food. 

Molten Delight

Is there anything better than rich, gooey melted cheese to warm you up on a winter’s day? We whipped up some of our favorite recipes from Louise Pickford’s latest cookbook for fondue… the ultimate decadent comfort food.


March/April 2023 Issue

This issue brims with inspiration for those readying their gardens for the budding spring months. We meandered through a magical Tuscan-themed oasis tucked away in the heart of Provence as well as an exquisite English-style garden in the Loire Valley. Our Discovery Guide took us off the well-beaten path of the French Riviera to the charming yet still largely undiscovered Languedoc coast. Moving to France’s northern shores, we rediscovered one of the country’s most iconic landmarks – Le Mont-Saint-Michel – from a very different vantage point.


Les Jardins du Plessis Sasnières

Over six decades ago, Rosamée Henrion reclaimed an ancient hunting lodge with surrounding land in the Loire Valley. Now, her love and her labors have transformed the otherwise abandoned property into a small paradise that spans eleven hectares, situated on a plateau overlooking – and spreading into – the valley below.

France’s Secret Southern Coast

A long-time French secret, Narbonne is the perfect holiday destination to enjoy the seaside charm of the Mediterranean with none of the crowds of the Côte d’Azur. From the western edge of Provence all the way to the Spanish border, discover why artists and artisans are drawn to this picturesque town and its surrounding fishing villages, stunning pink salt flats, blue lagoons and quiet beaches.

Between the Sky and Sea

Gliding high above the sandy landscape, photographer Jérôme Houyvet took us on an aerial stroll to discover new and magical angles of Normandy’s most famous monument. Thanks to his local knowledge, and hours of experience in all weathers, he is able to predict the best light and shooting opportunities. Revel in his ability to capture the island’s tidal rhythms, its turquoise lagoons, morning mists, flitting sailboats, and verdant grasslands like never before.

Stone by Provençal Stone

A passionate collector of all things vintage, Anna Covelli’s Provençal home and textiles workshop, La Maison en Pierre, reveals the wonderful effect of fusing slow design with thoughtful restoration in this 17th century stone mas in the Luberon. We explored their home and check out the accompanying “Get the Look” feature to help you achieve an interior inspired by La Maison en Pierre.


May/June 2023 Issue

We welcomed the beginning of summer with beautiful homes, resplendent gardens, and exclusive French finds including a behind-the-scenes look at the Ritz Paris and a private viewing of an ancient estate in Normandy that has been outfitted by the esteemed textile designer Pierre Frey. We also took a journey to Brittany’s rugged Atlantic shores and to Monet’s iconic home garden in Giverny.


Putting on the Ritz

In our Portfolio, photographer Eric Martin took us on a rare peek behind the scenes of Paris’s iconic Ritz Hotel, which underwent a major renovation just before the Covid pandemic.

Generations of Design

This issue also welcomed us behind the doors of an ancient estate in Normandy, which textile company Pierre Frey sumptuously re-clothed in updated patterns and colors to celebrate the brand’s 200th anniversary.

How to Dine Outside Like the French

In light of the changing temperatures at this time of year beckoning us to come outside to enjoy the garden, we included some helpful tips for hosting an al fresco dinner party to help you enjoy and share your own garden in the summer season.

Teaming with Treasure

Lastly, for our antique lovers, we discovered Boutique de Nelly. Nelly’s place is more than a flea market: it’s a time machine that transported us back to the days of wooden rocking horses, embroidered linens, and iron jugs. Coming here isn’t so much about hunting or haggling over beautiful objects than it is about the experience itself.


July/August 2023 Issue

In this very special issue, we switched things up from our past editions and dedicated the entire July/August issue to celebrating the south of France — a region that holds a special place in our Editor-in-Chief, Sharon’s, heart. Starting with a guide to one of our personal favorites, the vibrant city of Nice, the pages of this edition contain our favorite addresses for dining, shopping and exploring the best that this glorious city has to offer. In our Portfolio, you’ll find tantalizing images from Lerins, a string of islands just off the coast from Cannes. The Stunning gardens of Madonna and Sauveboeuf, meanwhile, will took our breath away!


Cocooned in Comfort

Of course, the south is much more than the French Riviera. In this issue we shared with you some beautiful southern country homes, including an ancient stone farmhouse that has been lovingly restored and transformed into an elegant second home with vaulted ceilings in Uzès.

A Very Mediterranean Garden

We stepped inside a tropical oasis that lies hidden in the hills behind Menton. An exceptional garden, Jardin de la Madonne, with its beautiful architecture and statement palm trees is not only a feast for the eyes, but offers a fascinating window into the start of the lavish history and international culture that makes up life in the French Riviera. 

All that Glitters

Tucked into a quiet courtyard of one of France’s most Most renowned brocante markets, we introduced you to Kate Dickenson and her glistening boutique. A specialist in antique silver plate, Kate’s shop has become a fixture in L’Isle‑sur‑la‑Sorgue, especially for those on the hunt for something to bring a little bit of sparkle to their table!

From Nice with Love

Finally, no focus on the south of France would be complete without a few scrumptious regional recipes! Discover regular contributor Franck Schmitt’s favorite dishes from Nice, where Provençal, Italian and Mediterranean flavors combine beautifully. 


September/October 23 Issue

As the vibrant colors of summer slowly faded into the muted embrace of fall, we found ourselves captivated by the sensorial beauty of this enchanting season. This September/October edition took us through a feast of sights, scents and tastes. We shared some especially warm and rustic interiors along with a trip to the heart of Cognac at a time when the vine leaves are glowing in amber red. Our Portfolio uncovered the secretive art of mushroom hunting and we revealed some of the glorious recipes created by the Benedictine nuns of Mont-Saint-Michel!


Whispering Woods

Deep in the heart of the French countryside, a clandestine tradition thrives, passed down through generations like a whispered secret. We joined the “mushroom hunters” in the early morning mist as they embarked on a quest to to uncover some of nature’s most delectable and elusive gifts.

Glorious Minimalism Along the Camino de Santiago

We took a pilgrimage with the turn of a page to the Manufacture Royale de Lectoure, the site of an abandoned royal tannery that has been converted into a boutique hotel opened in 2022. With rooms that exhibit traces of its history and touches of contemporary design, guests and pilgrims enjoy a minimalistic treat along the Camino de Santiago.

Cognac: Where Curiosity Meets Craftsmanship

When the amber light of the early autumn sun hits the rouging vines that drape Cognac’s rolling hills, it seems as though you can already taste the region’s famed brandy before it even touches your lips. We went on a journey this grape harvest season to the Charente department in southwest France.

The Nuns’ Table

Gather around the table with the Benedictine sisters of Mont-Saint-Michel who share their divine cuisine concoctions with food stylist and photographer Laurence du Tilly who helped turn the elements of their communal meals into a best-selling cookbook. We offer five of their glorious recipes for you to try at home.


November/December 23 Issue

The final issue of the year was a significant milestone… We celebrated our 30th edition of the My French Country Home magazine! We are so thrilled to have reached this exciting milestone and extend extra gratitude and thanks to our readers, subscribers, and contributors for getting us here. In this final issue of 2023, we discovered France’s romantic winter offerings like the Saint Germain neighborhood in Paris and the gardens of Prieuré de Vauboin in the Sarthe, glistening in winter frost. Continuing to enjoy the finer things this season, we admired the opulent interiors of the Château de Fontainebleau in our Portfolio and the delicate craftsmanship of Cristallerie Saint-Louis, a renowned lead-crystal artisans.


Christmas Cooking with French Flair

Whip up a fabulous holiday dinner and tablescape à la Eve Cardi, one of our favorite food stylists, featuring creative spins on traditional French winter flavors. You will find earthy mushrooms in a soup with chestnuts, salmon pie with spinach and leeks, and a selection of desserts including pear pavlova, butternut sugar cake and a madeleine Christmas tree that makes for a stunning table centerpiece.

Timeless Magic in Paris:

Take a wintry stroll through the most romantic city in the world: Paris (of course). Typically our Discovery Guide captures the highlights or an entire region and its surroundings, but there is simply too much to list in a singular guide to all of Paris. So, we’re starting with a neighborhood at the center of it all and a personal favorite: Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Foraged Wreath

Instead of purchasing a pre-made wreath this year, why not go out and forage one yourself? Simple and fresh, creating your own door décor is a wonderful way to impart your unique style into the holidays and make the most of winter’s bounties.

Fitted for Kings

Stroll through the halls of one of the most underrated royal establishments in France, the Château de Fontainebleau. One of the greatest examples of decadent design, this historic palace, located just an hour southeast of Paris, was home to French monarchs, nobles and dignitaries for more than 700 years. Photographer Eric Sander shows us why it was given the epithet, “the true home of kings.”


We hope you enjoyed this year’s exploration across all corners of France, and we look forward to another fabulous year with you with even more intriguing, insider content in 2024… à l’année prochaine!

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