The Best Champagne Maisons to Visit

by ally redmond
champagne house

Readers of our bimonthly print MFCH Magazine will know that every issue, we feature a comprehensive “Discovering France” guide that explores the best of a certain French region — from where to stay, to where to eat, to what to do and much more.


For our November/December 2021 issue, we are thrilled to celebrate Champagne, uncovering the origins of the world’s most celebratory drink with a trip to the birthplace of bubbly — an abundantly lush landscape that offers history, heritage and more than a bit of sparkle. And you can’t have a guide to this region without including the area’s best champagne Maisons (Houses)… of which they have no shortage!

Below, we give you a sneak peek into three of the best champagne Maisons to visit featured in our Nov/Dec 21 “Discovering Guide” – to see them all, be sure to get a copy while its available!


Two thousand years of history carved out 60 feet underground. The world-famous Taittinger cellars — Gallo-Roman chalk quarries during the 4th century — are open for tours all year round. Fun, informative and in an unforgettable setting, discover the soul of the House’s champagnes with a tailor-made tasting (seven kinds are available). Bring a shawl or jacket; it can get quite chilly!

12 rue du Champ de Mars, 51100 Reims


“Sharing the magic of champagne with the world.” This is the mission statement and raison d’être of Moët et Chandon, one of the most legendary of champagne houses. And so it has, for 270 years; Jean-Remy Moët, grandson of the founder Claude Moët, is largely regarded as the person who first introduced the fizzy favorite, beloved by everyone from the Marquise de Pompadour to Napoleon. To visit is to treat yourself… Here, glamour is as important as the impeccable savoir-faire.

20 avenue de Champagne, 51200 Épernay 

Laurent Perrier

Founded way back in 1812, Laurent-Perrier enjoyed a revival in 1945 under Bernard de Nonancourt — a man passionate about the winemaking process from vine to cellar. With equal respect for tradition and innovation and, above all, for people, Bernard nurtured relationships with the area’s grape growers to develop a unique range of exceptional champagnes. Today, Laurent-Perrier (in its signature bottle reminiscent of a traditional hand-blown flacon) is exported and enjoyed in over 160 countries across the world.

32 avenue de Champagne, 51150 Tours-sur-Marne

Get your Nov/Dec 21 issue for the rest of the best champagne Maisons and so much more!

All photography © Eric Martin

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