Our Favorite Floral Books

by olivia hoffman

Spring blooms from the garden can be overwhelmingly exciting. The fresh new bounties popping up after a dull winter ignite our senses and inspire us to do something creative with it all, but the options are intimidatingly endless.


Here to guide us through options on styling and arranging the new flowers of the season are a gorgeous collection of books by some of our favorite florists and plant-enthusiasts. Captured in painstakingly beautiful light by talented photographers, these fabulous flower guides make for both an informative instruction manual as well as a stunning coffee table book.

Read on to learn about the books and their authors and click the links in the text to learn more about their mission with a link below to shop their book.

French Blooms

by Sandra Sigman

Sandra Sigman is the proud owner of the flower, home & garden shop Les Fleurs in Andover, Massachusetts. Moving to France in her early 20s, Sandra instantly fell in love with the blooming capital of Paris and literally fell into the flower shops, helping les fleuristes with their work. She had a natural knack to it as the daughter of a floral designer who taught her the tricks of the trade.

French Blooms is a newly released, best-selling book inspired from her time in France. She shares the unique design principles she learned from her favorite Parisian florist and offers tutorials for creating French-inspired arrangements for different areas of the home. You can read more about the making of French Blooms on our founder Sharon Santoni’s blog who wrote the foreword to the book.


The Flower Hunter

by Lucy Hunter

Lucy Hunter describes herself as a visual storyteller who is passionate about creating floral and garden art and capturing that sense of theater with her camera around the world. When she isn’t travelling, Lucy retreats to her garden and studio in the mountains in North Wales, UK where she creates, teaches, and has a constant, ongoing dialogue with the weeds in the garden.

The Flower Hunter is a collection of her gloriously photographed flower arrangements constructed from the bounties of her garden accompanied by her evocative and gently humorous writing. Lucy encourages readers to marvel at the natural world and conjure their own creativity while providing simple floral projects to get inspired.


Floret Farm’s A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season

by Erin Benzakein and photographed by Chris Benzakein

Erin Benzakein is the founder of Floret, a family-run flower farm and seed company specializing in unique, uncommon, and heirloom flowers in Washington’s Skagit Valley. Growing up as her grandmother’s “little flower girl,” Erin has always been inspired by the comfort of a slower, more intentional lifestyle and by the connection that is formed when handing someone a bouquet of flowers.

After her flower farm expanded and the educational series of her on-farm workshops grew, Erin wrote A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season which became a New York Times bestseller. Focused on seasonally based floral design, the book is full of beautiful photography and practical design techniques for seasonal bouquets.


Ranunculus: Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden

by Naomi Slade and photographed by Georgianna Lane

Naomi Slade is a well-known journalist and photographer specializing in gardening, environment, and lifestyle. She is a biologist by training, naturalist by inclination, and has a lifelong love of plants. Photographer Georgianna Lane is an exquisite floral, garden and travel photographer whose work is highly sought after and has been included in MFCH Magazine.

The in-vogue flower of the moment is the centuries-old ranunculus. A symbol of seduction, charm, and attractiveness, this springtime bloom is popping up more and more in gardens and florists’ windows everywhere. This newly released book dives into the intriguing and widespread allure of ranunculus and provides a guide to the delicate plant.


A Year in the Edible Garden: A Month-by-Month Guide to Growing and Harvesting Vegetables, Herbs, and Edible Flowers

by Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven is an international gardening and cooking expert who cohosts a popular gardening podcast Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange and runs a mail-order plant nursery in the English countryside. She wants to help everyone grow the best gardens, discover the joy of gardening, and get the real benefits of being outdoors in nature.

Her most recent book released this past March reveals a wealth of knowledge about how to have a bountiful kitchen garden. She believes that being connected to the food on our plate and to the landscape around us is of the utmost importance. The book provides practical advice and inspiration for growing a healthy garden as well as aspirational photos of Sarah’s own organic garden.


The next flower books to look out for – coming soon!

The Art of the Flower: A Photographic Collection of Iconic Floral Installations

by Jeff Leatham

Jeff Leatham is the Artistic Director of the Four Seasons Hotels, famed for his exquisite work notably at the George V in Paris, and has garnered international attention as “the” floral artist for elite design clientele. His book to be released in June 2023 celebrates the celebrity florist’s award-winning flower arrangements and installations that he has created throughout his illustrious career.


The Flowers of Provence

by Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck has become an international sensation among Francophiles everywhere with her first New York Times bestselling book An American in Provence released last November. Less than one year later, we are thrilled to be anticipating the launch of her second book, The Flowers of Provence which will showcase her stunning artistic photography of flowers from her home in the South of France. Coming October 2023.


If you love our site and our magazine, you’ll adore these two books written by the founder of My French Country Home, Sharon Santoni and photographed by Franck Schmitt, a regular photography contributor to the magazine.


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