Le Jardin Box – A Special Collection for Spring

by ally redmond

A Letter from our Editor-in-Chief, Sharon Santoni.

By the time March rolls around, we are all itching to get back into the garden. Seeds have been bought, and the early risers sown; bulbs are beginning to show their first flowers, and we have big plans for the season ahead.

To celebrate spring’s return, MFCH Box & Boutique has created a special, limited-edition collection – Le Jardin Box – with our favorite items for the season, ideal for flower lovers and seasoned gardeners alike.

One of the most useful items in a gardener’s shed is a hold-all bag, preferably with pockets on the side (for easy access) and enough space for tools, balls of string, slate tags and, of course, a secateur. This French Garden Bag by Le Prince Jardinier, will follow the gardener from one bed to the next. The one we chose, by Le Prince Jardinier, is both elegant and study; sure, it will get a bit dusty, but that inevitable doesn’t matter… your new gardening companion!

gardening bags
You can also purchase the French Garden Bag (in Royal Blue or Cream) by itself, if you wish – CLICK HERE!

Slate tags are a great way of labeling plants. They are chic and sturdy enough to hang by wire or pin to the ground with metal stakes.

Anyone who gardens knows just how much soap is required to clean our hands once finished. Follow this luxurious Fragonard soap up with the hand cream and a roll of perfume, and nobody will know you’ve been digging the ground all day long!

It’s a good idea to make notes about your garden. What worked well, what needs to be moved at the end of the season… perhaps a plant you saw elsewhere that you’d like to source. We included two notebooks by Paon Editions to keep all your planting ideas tidy.

And finally, we all know that at the end of the day, it feels good to light a candle and prolong the floral scents we love so much. This trilogy of candles by Trudon will allow you to bring the fragrance of your garden into your through all the seasons.

Reserve your Le Jardin Box HERE!

gardening tools

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